200 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

    • So I’m an engineer and just bought a Leica because its a good lens. Did you take photography lessons? I feel like the nice places I’ve been are wasted on me.

    • Hi Colleen, I have never taken any photography lessons. Leica is a good camera; although it may be a bit expensive for me. I suppose practicng taking photos is the best way of improving one’s skills. Thank you for your kind comment!

  1. Wow, I understand why you had to put in all these photos! All of them show the possibilities of ‘beyond.’ My heart leaped especially the Three Gorges and hills of ZhangJiaJie photos.

  2. Lovely pictures. My favorite two are the sunset and the one with the limestone columns. Those two are both so peaceful looking. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That evening photo along the river is just so spectacular! It’s as though time just stopped for you there!

  4. Wonderful every one of them – the sun setting .. is my favorite and the top one with the park. Something in the park picture that drags me into it … come let see what is future on. Stunning again, Michael.

  5. Truly amazing, Michael! I can only find two from my recent album, and you have ten.🙂 My favourites are the closer to home, the China shots.

  6. Yep like others I love the sunset on the Three Gorges but Langkawi comes a pretty close second, especially as I write surrounded by snow at present! Well done Michael, another spectacular effort!

  7. Gorgeous, I have a feeling if aliens ever do fly in from distant galaxies we are doomed, who wouldn’t want to live on plant earth? It’s stunning thru your lens anyways.

    • I count myself luck; having the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful places in planet earth. I am sure the aliens will be envious. Thanks for the kind comment!

    • Understand the Three Gorges were more beautiful before they built the dam and raise the water level. Right now, the beach really look inviting. Thanks for the kind comment!

  8. You’ve certainly travelled to some wonderful countries and captured some beautiful photographs . I love the Three Gorges and Capadoccia in Turkey particularly .

  9. Beautiful collection of photos again, difficult to choose between them. My favourite is the 2nd, with the golden sunlight reflected in the water and the sloping sides of the gorge stepping away into the distance, each one lost a little more to the mist. Fantastic!

  10. Michael, all of these photos are extraordinarily beautiful — even breathtaking. You do such great work. I noticed what you said about liking windows, and I wondered if you knew about the “windows photo” challenge. Several months ago, I started a challenge called “Thursday’s Windows,” in which I posted a new windows photo every Thursday, and invited others to post theirs and leave their link on my site. I love windows and find them so fascinating for many reasons, but I was surprised at how many other people out there felt the same. We got some wonderful photos. But staying on schedule got to be a problem for me, and I did not want everyone else to have to wait on me to post their windows, so I decided a couple weeks ago that I needed to close the challenge.

    However, one of the other bloggers who has been sending in her photos asked if she could take it over, and, of course, I thought that was great. So the challenge is actually still going — under a slightly different name — in case you’d like to join in.

    To see the photos we’ve enjoyed over the past several months you can go back to my “Sandra Conner … By the Book” site and click on the “Thursday’s Windows” category in the right sidebar:

    And to see what’s going on at the new site now hosting the challenge, you can go to this link at “Lingering Visions.” http://lingeringvisions.wordpress.com/
    I think the new site calls the challenge: A Lingering Look At Windows.

    Hope you can take part with some of your terrific photos.
    And thanks for the “Like” on my site.

    • Thank you for letting me know the history. I’m particpating in Lingering Vision’s challenge and will contribute when I have suitable photos. Regards, Michael

  11. Hi Michael. Your photos just now, in these wee hours (almost 2:00 a.m.) have given me a moment of wonder to inspire my weary mind. Have you ever been to the Campania region of Italy? I could possibly find myself there in the not too distant future. If you know how I could get good travel info for that area, I’d appreciate the help. Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown me these past few weeks. I don’t know If I would have kept blogging without the encouragement of a few folks like you. I love wordpress so far. And I love it because of the people I am getting to “know” through their blogs– a few amazing souls. I’m honored.

    • Hi day30f, unfortunately, I have not been to Campania and would not be able to assist in this regard. I’m glad that you continue blogging andlike the people you are meeting in WordPress. Thank you for your perusal and the kind comment!

    • You are welcome. I very much enjoy your photography. I’ve never traveled overseas. I won’t mention it again until travel is imminent because as yet, I can’t believe I’m going.But, I really love your perspective in travel photography. Thank you for getting back to me.

  12. Nomadicchique is right: that first (shades of grey) Three Gorges photograph is like a Georgie O`Keefe painting. I literally drew breath when it first unrolled on my screen…

  13. I know I would have a difficult time deciding on which photo’s to showcase if I had as many wonderful shots as you. The Three Gorges cruise group of photo’s is my favorite. The orange sun is magnificent. Your eye for capturing special moments is great.

  14. Great photographs, I especially enjoyed the sunset on Three Gorges River. Truly a fine photo. Thanks for sharing Michael. All the best, Alex

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the photo featuring the sunset during your Three Gorges Dam cruise. My mother always wanted to visit that place, but worried that the recent construction has marred the area. When did you go on your cruise?

    • Hi Juliana, my trip to the Three Gorges was in the Summer of 2011. The construction did not mar the area. However, because of the damming of the river, the water level has risen. This has made the view less dramatic, as otherwise, you will be seeing from a lower level on the river and the views are more like fjords. Thank you🙂

  16. Good choices for images. I like your eye for composition, to reveal as much as possible while still keeping a subject obvious to the viewer. Certainly jealous of your travel destinations!

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