62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

    • I walked along the banks of this stream course which feeds into the Annecy lake. My senses was already pre-occupied by the market, cafes, medieval buildings on both sides of the bank ( see my other post on Annecy -the Medieval Town). These swans attracted me and, in a fleeting moment, I took this photo from the bank. Many thanks for the kind comment!

  1. What a perfect point of view, both from a photographic point of view and life. Your shot reminded me of Lucerne, we stood on the bridge for the longest time enjoying their swans. It’s so peaceful and beautiful to see right in the city.

    • So true Micheal, most definitely worrisome but are they entirely unpredictable events or do people just chose not to change their ways (i.e. uncensored spending) and ignore the warning signs?

    • Yes, we shouldn’t be worrying for things which are unpredictable and beyond our control. Many people are overspending; their government’s remedial action only serves to distribute their problem to other nations and their peope. Regards, Michael

    • I am just an ordinary retiree who likes to make peace with myself and others; exercising to maintain myself and eat in a healthy manner. I have not yet practised meditation in any form. Many thanks for the kind comment!

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