Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White

I am happy to see that Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Black and White.

I have been playing around converting the photo below taken in Bostwana from color to B&W. The original photo was very interesting but I think the B&W is not in any way inferior.DSCF1526

I came across a blog post which suggests that we should not preset a camera to B&W when we want B&W photos; but rather do a post processing on it. His other advice includes taking it on a grey day when the light is soft and use the lowest ISO.

I have some slides which were taken 20+ years ago and they have become decolored.  Converting to B&W seem to be a good way of keeping the photos interesting.

The photo below was taken in 1985 at Brighton Beach. I have shown it before but I couldn’t help showing it again as a B&W in a collection.Brighton B&W

Another photo taken in the same year is the Stlker castle in Scotland below. Like the other one, it become decolored and I think this is the best way of rescuing it.Scan10010

The photo below of the pyramid in Cairo, Egypt was taken in year 2000. Again, it has become decolored. B&W gives this a different mood.My beautiful picture

My picture of Istanbul, Turkey taken on a cruise when the sun was setting was almost monotonic, with a purple taint. The converted picture below seems only have changed the picture from pink to B&W.CIMG0595

Some of the pictures below are taken in more recent years. I can never forgot the difficult climb up the Wu Yi mountains, China when the sky was grey and misty. The photo below of mysterious mountain with a pavilion and tourists climbing up like (white) ants has implanted deeply in my mind.CIMG0328

The picture of West Lake, China below was taken last Winter. Post processing it to B&W does not make a big difference to the image as the picture was almost grey in  color when taken.CIMG1126

Back to the West. The picture below was taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia last May. It gives a different feel than the usual picture of red roofs to the houses.CIMG1541

Still on the same subject of Dubrovnik, the B&W picture below shows a close up version of the individual houses or structures in that picturesque area.CIMG1545

The picture of Trakai, Latvia has always been shown in color. The picture below is my attempt to show it in B&W, giving it a special character.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 051B

How can I forget the beautiful Langkawai, Malaysia with the sun just rising and a boat lying on the shore . . . . .DSC_0386

I like both colors and B&W. Although, in the real world, it would be nice if many controversial issues would just be in Black or White so people do not have to fight over various shades of grey. Maybe, I should set up an opinion poll to see whether you like Colors or B&W!

82 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White

  1. Beautiful photographs! Love that first one of the trees silhouetted against the sky. As well as the two after that with those beautiful clouds.

    I’ve also rescued shots (where the colours came out badly, or the lighting was bad) by converting the image to black & white. And sometimes where the colours detract from the actual subject.

    I suppose you may get a better image shooting in black & white, but I’d still like that choice at the end.

    • Yes, that maybe better. I was worrying that some of these pictures already have parts which are already dark. Thank youfor the suggestion /kind comment 🙂

  2. I like both, BW and color, it just depends on the mood and on the light. Whne I seen BW, I say: this one is better. But after seeeing colored shot, I say: this one is better too 🙂

  3. I just love ALL your photographs every day – you are SO talented! As a lover of B/W photos, these particularly resonated with me. Have you ever thought of somehow selling your images as prints or something? I know I’d be a customer! 🙂

    • Hi, I am flattered. Glad that you like the B&W photos. I haven’t yet thought of selling my photos . . . . I have always considered that I am only an amateur photographer. I would be very happy if people say they like my pictures! Thank you for your very encouraging comment and your ontinued perusal!

  4. Brighton Beach, 1985–my favorite in this group. One, because I was there so it brought back fond memories. But mostly the shot–the waves and the clouds balanced by the horizontal dark of the wood–outstanding. A perfect shot!

    • While I have lost many of my non-digital photos, I have always treasured this photo of Brighton for memories and the quality of the shot. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

    • I like the Langkawi picture; however, I don’t like the trees hanging down just on the top right corner. Could have taken a better picture, I think. Thank you for giving us such a good theme for the challenge:-)

  5. Your images are as beautiful in black-an-white Michael as they are in colour! The photograph from Botswana is especially evocative to me, perhaps because the landscape is so similar to that I am used to here in neighbouring South Africa.

  6. Great photos! It’s funny, for a long time I no longer appreciated B&W photos, or movies. But I remember watching a program some years ago where Jimmy Stewart passionately expressed his disappointment with the colorization of b&w films. Then a couple of years ago, my teenage daughter reignited my appreciation when she found the ‘classic’ setting on my new digital camera. Now there are shots I much prefer in B&W vs color. It’s also fun for editing exploration. Personally, I much prefer to shoot in B&W vs. processing color to B&W. Then again, maybe I just haven’t had enough practice. It just seems like my photos come out with greater clarity when shooting in B&W. I have much to learn!!! 🙂

    • Actually, I like both colors and B&W as they give different impressions. I just hate to see my previous slides becoming decolored; scanning and changing them into B&W seem to be a way of preserving my pleasant memories. Glad that you like the B&W pictures. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

    • Thanks. I was thinking, at some point while looking at your pictures, how they’d turn out in a sepia treatment. Just curious, have you ever tried that?

    • The Wu Yi mountain looked a bit scary when I looked up how many steps I have to climb along the almost vertical rock face. Glad that you like the picture. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

  7. I’m a big fan of B&W photos, Michael, so thank you for these. Thank you to for your profound statement, “… controversial issues would just be in Black or White so people do not have to fight over various shades of grey”. I agree.

    • Hi Kathleen, the reality is that most issues are not black and white and we have to live with arguing about the shades of grey. In my coversion software, they call this “Greyscale”. Thank you for the kind comment 🙂

  8. Michael, some nice ones up there. I notice your images display relatively small on the front page and like to full size images. These days I show full size on the front page (up to 950 pixels). I keep wondering which is the most efficient way to do things.

    • Hi Ron, I thought I have chosen the largest size when uploading. Is this because the Theme (Paramount format) which I have chosen. I like the black background of this Theme, but I also like bigger pictures. I am not sure what I should do. In any case, thank you for the kind suggestion 🙂

  9. Thank you for stopping by Clicks & Corks and liking my polar bear image: much appreciated!
    Your B&W series is very nice: I particularly like the photograph of the Wu Yi mountains. Great job! 🙂

  10. Michael, restoration by converting to B&W does look like a great idea.
    The image of the pyramid is magical. It feels like the pyramid is touching the heavens above and meeting the Gods. Can I use it as my desktop wallpaper?

  11. I was looking through some 25-year-old color photos yesterday and was sad to see that they had lost some color, mostly the greens. You’ve shown a way to renew them by turning them into black and white photos, at least as an alternative to the washed out originals. Your photos are all very gorgeous and striking.

    Looking at black and white photos reminds me of something a niece said when she was about five when we were talking about something that had happened in the past. She asked: “Is that when the world was black and white.”

    • Hi Catherine, yes, the world was just B&W. Even our television was B&W. Some people said our dreams are B&W because we saw so many B&W images when we were young. I don’t know whther this is true though. In any case, thank you for the perusal and the like 🙂

  12. Hi Michael, I agree with comments of post processing your images to B/W, seems a shame to waste modern colour technology. Also have noticed some dull cloudy days producing interesting skyscapes particularly around sunrise. Your first three photos have really eye catching cloud formations….not to mention the tree silhouettes.

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