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    • This is a section of the wall further away from downtown Beijing. We visited this in early November, on a week day, just before Beijing was hit by a snow storm. You are correct, there wasn’t a lot of people on that day. We felt we were pretty left on our own the further we walk from the starting point. Thank you Jessica🙂

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  2. I did visit Mutiayu and had fond memories of this section of the Great Wall of China. But our pictures are not as colorful as yours. We went in October. When did you go?

  3. You have given us some amazing views of mountains and the winding turns of the wall of China. I am glad to have seen them through your eyes.


  4. That Great Wall … is something – awesome … imaging all the people it took to built and also how many died during the building – some respectful place. Great photo gallery … of something so magnificent.

  5. Good timing for your visit. I visited in the summer, and most of the pictures I see look similar to mine (i.e. green)
    I don’t recall ever seeing pics with that much foliage color.

    • We were fortunate to be there late Autumn last year and just before the onset of the snow storm which killed some trapped tourists at the Great Wall. Thank you🙂

  6. Most definitely on my list of places to go see. The scenery in itself is beautiful enough to want to witness, but the wall and it’s history make it look like an amazing trip! Love the photos through the arched openings.

  7. These are beautiful (no doubt), but I think my favorite one is the last image of the sun glowing on the foliage. I love the angle of the trees growing on the mountain side. I presume you took it looking over the wall?

    • Hi Kathleen, if you can do 1000 steps in several hours, you will be OK. In any case, you don’t have to walk the whole section of Mutianyu, you can always walk a distance and retrace your steps to the starting point. From that perspective, you only need to be fit for walking and negoiating some steps. Thank you🙂

  8. We visited Mutianyu in the winter time and almost perished from the bitter cold, but it was stunning and absolutely deserted. Did you take the luge slide back down to the bottom? That was a lot of fun!🙂

    • You were brave to take the luge slide down to the bottom in winter. We didn’t, we came back using cable car. The snow view must be brethtaking as well. I saw some of these in your post. Thank you🙂

  9. To walk along the Great Wall is an unforgettable life’s experience, it is so steeped in history, and I know what you mean by the term walked laboriously. Stunning photos Michael I was there in the spring of 1989 the year of the Tiananmen Massacre

    • It shouldn’t be that laborious if we didn’t try to walk all 22 watch towers. As you said this was an unforgettable experience and we like this place better than the Great Wall at Baidaling. Regards, Michael

  10. O my, all of these photos are strikingly breathtaking. The history of the site is remarkable and so is the distance… of the Great Wall. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information and culture.

  11. Beautiful – and a big part of the beauty is the colour of the leaves . Have you been on this trek at other rtimes of the year to see differences? A joy to see… Thanks for sharing.

    • As the theme was “Mountains” so I didn’t really focus on the wall itself. Maybe some day, I will cover more on the wall, the steps, watch towers etc. Thank you for your perusal and kind comment:-)

  12. Gorgeous scenes. So many masterful “drawings” inherent in the layout of that place. I know you had fun discovering vantage points and patterns in the scenery there. Love it!

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