40 comments on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Colors of Red, White or Red and White together

  1. I thought of posting the Canada Flag, but that’s like cheating. It’s nice that you have a big archive to go through. Always enjoy your photography.

  2. I believe you more than “rose” to the challenge here–love how the reds are highlighted. I also appreciate your poetic verbal descriptions; I think my favorite line is about how the boats “swayed lazily….” Lovely work, as always. Cheers

  3. The first boat in the water in Crotia is my favorite. Being on the water is where I am most relaxed. Thank you Michael for the tranquil pictures.

  4. Good gracious! Seeing your photos just wants to make me travel…especially to the Mediterranean. Thanks Michael, – Bill

  5. Local Art is my all time favourite holiday treasure. I’ve bought a piece in Venice and Paris. Means so much in a home. I never get tired of Hvar either, just a beautifully scenic destination.

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