The Yellow Fields of Spring

Spring has arrived in some areas of the northern hemisphere. Certainly, it is just around the corner for many other regions.

Our recent trip to Yunnan, China to view the rapeseed flowers was just enjoyable. Wandering in the rapeseed fields of Luoping, Yunnan was like swimming in a sea of yellow. DSCF3136

I just couldn’t help reviewing my archive to see what other pictures with beautiful views of yellow fields.

Here is one taken on the hills of Switzerland which shows yellow flowers all over the place. In the background is also green, a very frsh green which seem to announce that Spring has arrived.CIMG1724

There is one photo which I have always liked, this is the one below taken in Hokkaido, Japan which shows fields of yellow color with rolling hills as background.Hokkaido1

How enjoyable it was to be able to see endless fields of yellow color which to me represent positivism and hope. Hope you enjoy them too!