The Yellow Fields of Spring

Spring has arrived in some areas of the northern hemisphere. Certainly, it is just around the corner for many other regions.

Our recent trip to Yunnan, China to view the rapeseed flowers was just enjoyable. Wandering in the rapeseed fields of Luoping, Yunnan was like swimming in a sea of yellow. DSCF3136

I just couldn’t help reviewing my archive to see what other pictures with beautiful views of yellow fields.

Here is one taken on the hills of Switzerland which shows yellow flowers all over the place. In the background is also green, a very frsh green which seem to announce that Spring has arrived.CIMG1724

There is one photo which I have always liked, this is the one below taken in Hokkaido, Japan which shows fields of yellow color with rolling hills as background.Hokkaido1

How enjoyable it was to be able to see endless fields of yellow color which to me represent positivism and hope. Hope you enjoy them too!

90 thoughts on “The Yellow Fields of Spring

  1. That’s gorgeous, Michael. With the rolling countryside and the misty blue mountains in the background its no wonder a trip to Yunnan to view the rapeseed in flower is a trip to look forward to. I remember being bowled over by the Canadian prairies (which were far from the flat featureless plains I’d been led to expect) when the rapeseed was in flower, but I never saw landscapes with mountain backgrounds like this. Wow.

    • yes, they are the same flowers. I didn’t notice the smell when I was there. I understand the seeds are crushed for oil. Thank you for the perusal and kind comment 🙂

    • You are right; yellow is a favorite color of Van Gogh; hope I will be able to visit that museum one day. Thank you for the perusal and kind comment 🙂

  2. I have a good friend from Luoping! In Qujing I met a migrant worker named Wang Guisuo who spoke many dialects and entertained me with great hospitality; his hometown is Luoping, which he said was quite attractive. I’m so glad to have seen it here on your blog.

  3. It looks like rapeseed .. flowers … my county have fields and fields of it .. our airport buses are running on the oil, and we use a lot of the oil for cooking. Only thing is that the flowers don’t smell very nice.
    Stunning photos again. Top one my pick.

  4. I agree these are superb – excellent – fantastic and beautiful. It really makes me impatiently wait for spring to arrive here.

  5. What beautiful photos! Perfect for Spring. Here in Arizona the yellow Mexican poppies are starting to bloom. Seeing a field of yellow flowers always make my heart soar! Thanks for a lovely post.

  6. Beautiful yellows, Michael. They brought back sweet memories for me. Years ago, used to drive through the countryside and spot entire fields of yellow dandelions. The same views weeks later–when the dandelions had gone to seed–would make one think of huge white bedsheets.

    • Readers have reminded me of the same in the prairies of Canada; I hope I will have the chance to see them someday. Thank you for the kind comment; have a great weekend 🙂

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