Orange Thursday (1)

Thai’s Thursday is Orange.

If I have to assign the orange color to one of my more recent trips, it has to be Dubrovnik in Croatia.

While standing on top of the Dubrovnik wall and overlooking to the seaside, we found two seas. Near to us was a sea of bright orange-colored roofs, some of which were reconstructed after the war of 1991. DSCF0846

Beyond the sea of orange roofs, we have the blue Adriatic sea which never failed to entice us. The green island yonder was where Richard the Lion Heart landed and later took residence.

AΒ trip to the mountain behind the city further confirms that the city is an orange city even from Β a high altitude!

41 thoughts on “Orange Thursday (1)

  1. Great shot. Love how you broke it up with the sea of orange and the Adriatic Sea. Visited Croatia and Dubrovnik last year and absolutely loved it! Such a special place.

    • I suppose what I have shown is a viewed taken by many photographers. Dubrovnik is one of the reasons for visiting Croatia. Thank you for the kind comment πŸ™‚

  2. That island is also a nudist area. I spent many happy hours there with my wife and friends just lazing around. (I almsot said ‘hanging out’ there, lol)

    • I didn’t know about it being a nudist beach; the green color on the island contrast quite sharply with the orange roofs. I also like the island looking so serene and well preserved. Thank you for the kind comment πŸ™‚

    • Like other parts of the coastline it doesn’t have a beach – its all rocky, but the whole island is a nudist area.

      Another point – the main street in Dubrovnik is paved with opalescent stone giving it the most amazing glow. I have some pics I need to dig out – from 1978 I think.

      The picture is very striking though and from an angle not many people would see.

  3. This photo makes me wish I had a better computer. I think the pic lost something “in translation”. When I first got this wonderful and cheap laptop, I also had recently bought a MacBook — aka great graphics. I gave the MacBook to my son. Oh well, between blurry computer and old eyeglass prescription, I’m used to missing subtle visual distinctions. Anyway, that’s why I didn’t give a rating to your pic, although I’m sure it’s awesome.

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