Blue Friday (1)

Blue is the color for Friday in Thailand.

I like blue skies, blue seas and oceans but my favorite for this week is the blue waters in the JiuZhaiGou lakes in Sichuan, China.

By no means it is the most beautiful blue but it is very interesting.050

It appears that lakes with a high calcium content exhibits a kind of bluish tint in the water. For instance, this can be seen in both the JiuZhaiGou lake in China and also the Plitvice lake waters in Croatia.

Plants and other matters fallen into the water are subject to calcification and not a lot of life survives in such water. However, schools of carp-like fishes protected by tiny scales can be found swimming lively in the lakes of JiuZhaiGou. How wonderful !

30 thoughts on “Blue Friday (1)

    • Hi, thank you for informing me about it. I didn’t know until I received your comment. Many thanks you for the congratulations and the kind comment 🙂

  1. Michael, Pictures you posted this week were gorgeous beyond words, all of them. I don’t know if it is expressed these days anymore, but we used to say to incredible quality photos, that they were calendar worth quality. Every one of your photos are calendar worth quality. 😀 Fae.

    • Hi Fae, many thanks for your comments on the quality of the pictures. I’m glad that you like them. Maybe, I should post a picture monthly and make it into a calendar! Best regards, Michael

  2. Lovely photo of my favourite colour. There are some gorgeous blue colours in Europe – you mention Plitvice, but Lake Bled and the Soca Valley in Slovenia are even nicer!

  3. This was a great theme, this week…funny, but I associate Blue with Monday because I have to go back to work and I’m feeling blue…I used to play Miles Davis’s CD “Kind of Blue” as a kind of celebration, on Mondays. Thank you Michael for sharing these treasures. – Bill

    • Yes, Monday blues, I felt that too when I was at work. I also liked the jazz CD “Kind of Blue”. Although I don’t play it that often. Thanks for the comment and perusal 🙂

  4. Incredible post,your posts are pleasure to read and to admire.,for the efforts you put and the beauty they hold.Thank you for reading my post ( Dr. Taha Hussien ) Best regards.jalal

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