Purple Saturday (1)

Thai Saturday is Purple!

In our sub conscience, Purple is usually linked to royalty and spirituality. In Thailand, it is also a color worn by widows in memory of their husbands.

I like purple flowers but I also like sceneries which has a purple tint.

While cruising the Bosporus in Istanbul,  the setting sun created a purple hue in the sky and also in the water.  The hue together with the reflection in the water  was just breath-taking. The cruise was an odyssey of colors. When the cruise started up the Bosporus, there was sunshine. Then followed by heavy rain. When the rain cleared up, there was an incomplete rainbow, followed by an unforgettable pink sunset.  CIMG0580

In a way, the cruise was somewhat liked our journey through life; we have been through good times, seen bad times, encountered many interesting things,  even rainbows and when you have travelled far and long, you are almost near to the shore but the magnificent sun was setting!