Purple Saturday (1)

Thai Saturday is Purple!

In our sub conscience, Purple is usually linked to royalty and spirituality. In Thailand, it is also a color worn by widows in memory of their husbands.

I like purple flowers but I also like sceneries which has a purple tint.

While cruising the Bosporus in Istanbul,  the setting sun created a purple hue in the sky and also in the water.  The hue together with the reflection in the water  was just breath-taking. The cruise was an odyssey of colors. When the cruise started up the Bosporus, there was sunshine. Then followed by heavy rain. When the rain cleared up, there was an incomplete rainbow, followed by an unforgettable pink sunset.  CIMG0580

In a way, the cruise was somewhat liked our journey through life; we have been through good times, seen bad times, encountered many interesting things,  even rainbows and when you have travelled far and long, you are almost near to the shore but the magnificent sun was setting!

59 thoughts on “Purple Saturday (1)

  1. It seems that pink and green caused quite a stir but I love the blue in the waters and the purple Saturday. The fact that women wear this color to remember their husbands touches me.
    I often use purple and blue when I need shadow instead of black. The additional color causes a depth that black can not.

    • Hi, you are probably the first one to say “sad”. Think you understand what I was trying to say in my last paragraph. Thank you for the comment, have a great weekend 🙂

  2. There is never a good moment to leave….We can always find something more to see, to feel, to believe, to distrust, to admire, to cry for, to smile at….

  3. Beautiful photo. Interesting that purple is a mourning color. In Victorian England, mourning started in black and then moved to lavender. In school, I learned that royalty chose purple because it was an expensive and rare dye. Your post inspired me to go to Wikipedia. “The word ‘purple’ comes from the Old English word purpul which derives from the Latin purpura, in turn from the Greek πορφύρα (porphura),name of the Tyrian purple dye manufactured in classical antiquity from a mucus secreted by the spiny dye-murex snail.
    The first recorded use of the word ‘purple’ in English was in the year 975 AD.” Kind of funny that royalty draped themselves in a dye made from mucus.

  4. I like this for the sense of calm that feel when I look at it. Thanks for coming by and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post representing “Future Tense”.

    • Traditionally, poets in China usually use sunset as a metaphor for indicating nearing the end of a life journey. This is the sad part. Many thanks for the perusal and comment 🙂

  5. It is interesting that in the west, widows wear black, hindu widows wear white and thai widows wear purple but widowers don’t wear a colour to indicate that their wives have died!

  6. I like the purples and pinks in the picture, very nice. I hope to be able to see that part of the world one day. Michael, I have been having some issues seeing your recent blogs, They dont show up on the blogs that i follow. i think it’s because of my ipad app so sorry if ou have gotten emails about me following and unfollowing. I am new to blogging and WordPress so still trying to figure everything out.

    • Hi, you are shown as a blog Follower on my list; thanks for following me. I also sometimes experience problem when clicking on the Like button in some of the posts I like. I am not sure whether some posts just take too long time to upload – maybe. I find this with my blog too. Sincerely hope that some day you will see this part of the world. Many thanks for the perusal and comment, have a great week 🙂

  7. Beautiful Michael-I am not sure that I have often seen this hue much at all in our sunsets-usually they are pinks, oranges and blues-but I think I need to watch more carefully. I have enjoyed your color series very much!

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