Buddha Faces at Bayon, Cambodia (2)

Have been thinking of leaving this theme and moving on to other topics, but the response on the original post was really overwhelming – with more than 200 “likes” in the first twenty four hours of publishing the post.

The enigmatic pictures of the smiling Buddha faces were just intriguing. This was the first time I saw so many of these smiling faces and loved the opportunity of photographing them.CSC_0442

The Bayon construction probably started about 1200 AD; research is still required to establish the duration of the construction and what methods were adopted.  The layout of Bayon was quite unique – the mass of face towers created a mountain of ascending peaks.CSC_0309

Understand today, there are only 37 face towers still standing; most of them are carved with four faces but some have only three or two faces remaining.CSC_0452

The Bayon temple has three levels, many of the Buddha faces were taken while climbing up and down the  three levels.  At many locations, the Buddha faces are clustered together. It was a wonderful experience that you were faced with so many gigantic Buddha faces looking at you at the same time.

While many of photos at Bayon were taken as sepia, I also have a small number of them taken in color. The color photo below shows the same Buddha faces above when zooming out. The mood conveyed by the color photo, however, is quite different.DSC_0153

One reader commented that the second photo on my original post looks somewhat mystical. For comparison purpose, I am also posting the color photo below.DSC_0407

In any case, the faces look serene and peaceful, imparting a certain sense of inner peace into our hearts.