Green Wednesday (3)

I like Monet’s impressionist paintings, especially those with water lilies.

Painting has never been easy; I rather resort to photographing them instead.

Apart from the water lilies, the picture below is basically green in color. The picture shows some leaves starting to turn yellow. This reminds me that in real life, things do get withered. However, they give color to this otherwise monotonic picture taken in the gardens of Huánghèlóu , China .DSCF6090

I also like the reflections in water. On the top left are reflections of willows while on the top right corner are the reflections of a stone arch bridge; both are outside the picture.

For those who love water lily leaves, below is a picture taken in Hokkaido, Japan showing the whole pond full of them.038

54 thoughts on “Green Wednesday (3)

  1. Very nice. I love water lilies. We have them at our cabin and canoe past them. Our children love to look at their yellow flowers and pick up the lily pads to find snails underneath. Thank you for sharing the pictures, it brings back fond memories of summer.

  2. Đẹp quá! Loài hoa này làm mình nhớ đến quê hương Việt Nam. Ở Việt nam loài hoa này mang tên Hoa Sung. nó có màu hồng rất đẹp đại điện cho ý chí kiên cường của con người Việt Nam. Bạn có thể lên mạng và nhập (HOA SÚNG) để có thể xem chi tiết… sắp tới mình cũng sẽ giới thiệu với bạn loài hoa này trên blog của mình….hihi have a nice day!

  3. Beautiful as always! I love Monet’s paintings. One day on one of my trips to see my family back in France I need to make time to visit his house, it’s meant to be absolutely stunning.

  4. I have been .. to Giverny, but I was a bit too late for be able to see the garden in full bloom, I was there in September. Your top photo is so beautiful. Green water and green leafs …

  5. I especially like the composition and color divisions in the top photo..the way the lilies separate the different green sections of water. The yellow of some leaves adds to it, as yellow is, after all, a component of green!

  6. There is almost no different between a painter and a photographer, Michael. both are always using point of interest, composition, angle, focusing,colors and tone, etc. The second picture is truly stunning. 🙂

  7. I love water lillies too, and last year, had the chance to visit the Orangerie in Paris to see Monet’s Water Lillies for myself. They were amazing. I will never forget the experience 🙂

  8. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this post and the description…. I wouldn’t have otherwise paid attention to the willow shadows and of the arch…. Lilies are just so beautiful, was just looking at Monet’s pics the other day and here you have recreated them in photographic perfection… :)… You should use them as reference and try painting them with a basic colour set… Just for fun!… It will probably give you more perspectives to your view on shadows and colours…

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