Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Clouds

This is the first time that I participate in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge.

We were at the wrong season up in Napahai, Yunnan. Instead of a peaceful lake surrounded with a green scenery, all we saw was a dried up lake with puddles.

Napahai Lake (Napa Hai) is 3270 meters (10,728 ft.) above sea level and covers 660 square kilometers (254 square miles). Approximately 8 kilometers northwest of Shangrila, the lake fills up a valley surrounded on three sides by mountains which are covered in snow during winter and spring time.DSC_0089

High up in Napahai, the atmosphere was thin and the temperature was around 3 degree Celsius.  While wandering in the dried lake, a dark cloud came upon us and rain began to fall. There was basically no place to hide or take refuge. Herdsman were hurrying back to their far away shelters.

When the rain subsided, we found ourselves in this vast plain with barely anybody in sight. A buffalo was charging towards us . . . . . . .DSC_0084

Watching clouds is one of the enjoyable activities in the tropics. Apart from island hopping (see my earlier post Koh Samui – Islands Hopping), one of the things we like was watching colorful low hanging clouds as the sun descended below the horizon.DSC_0629

Here, the temperatures are more like 30 degrees Celsius.  One way to relax oneself is to watch the dramatic clouds while seeping a cold drink . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also, not forgetting to mention the delightful white clouds dotted the blue sky of Inner Mongolia, China with yurts in the foreground. . . . . . .DSCF2282

Finally back at home, it is not uncommon to see rain clouds during summer months. Picture below shows clouds gradually lifting up from the mountains after heavy rain and people have restarted their wind surfing. . . . . . . . . . .CIMG1884