Yellow Monday (4)

Have been raining for more than two weeks now. Need some sunny photos to cheer up.DSCF3131A

The humid and unsettled Spring weather here remind us so much of the good weather we had earlier last month up in Luoping, Yunnan with the rapeseed flowers in full bloom.DSCF3121

Can we have some sunshine this week???

56 thoughts on “Yellow Monday (4)

  1. Maybe you can have sunshine and rain together! I think we were short of rain this “rain season” here in the Bay Area and that is not good! Increases the likelihood of forest fires!!!

  2. Hi Michael. Love the photographs. You hope for sunshine and we hope for rain. We can both be happy when the hoped for events happen. (By the way, we have at last got rain after 4 months of sun). Chris G

    • With global warming, the weather pattern seems to be changing. I’ll be glad to swap rain for sunshine with you; at least for this week. Then both of us will be happy. Thank you 🙂

    • Think we are having an unusual month in April when it rains much of the time. People like me just moan when we come across something unexpected. yes, we should be more positive and cheerful 🙂

  3. Don’t feel bad Michael, I moaned for three whole months because our winter was so wet and grey. It does affect one’s mood. We do have sun at last now. I’m sure yours will turn up soon. In the meantime your pics will cheer all of us. 🙂

  4. Hi Michael

    Lovely photographs. Yellow fields of rape lift the spirits wherever they are. Have just had a week of sunshine in sunny Spain and now back to the grey skies of South Wales, but still no place like home!

  5. Hi Michael: thank you for stopping by my post on Dynamic Yunnan. Did you see that show? Yunnan is not the most beautiful at this time. My pix did no have your yellow monday flowers!

  6. nice photos michael. l had no idea about this region in China, its seems very wild. Is there much wildlife? Appreciate all your support on my travel blog too. Cheers, Rupert

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