Lions in the Garden of Dolmabache Palace, Istanbul

The search for images of benches has led me back to the photos of Turkey, in particular, those taken in the quiet gardens of the Dolmabache  Palace by the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul.

While we enjoyed the view out to the sea when sitting on the seaside benches, we also enjoyed strolling around the peaceful garden which was reclaimed from the sea for the Sultan.CIMG0502

One of my favorite pictures is that of a sculpture of a male lion in the garden, with a tree, an ornamental fence and the sea as background.CIMG0501

Not far from the sculpture were the lioness and her two cubs. While the cubs looked playful, the mother looked on guard with undivided attention.CIMG0493

In front of the palace was the swan fountain, it looked well integrated with the flowers, the pond and the surrounding.CIMG0505

As no photos were allowed to be taken within the palace so once outside the palace building and out into the garden, we took whatever photos  we found interesting including  a gate to the palace garden.CIMG0506

The top part of the arch gate was highly ornamental, the details really got me  interested.

The visit to the garden was just unforgettable!