Inside the Angkor Temple, Cambodia

The Angkor Wat temples are stunning and fascinating from both the inside and the outside.DSC_0146

The architecture as viewed from the outside is beautiful, but we spent quite a bit of our time in the inside. With every twist and turn, you find something which have not quite met your eyes before.

I like the warmth, the color and the texture in the picture above as well as the effect of looking through a series of openings.

When looking up the ceiling, it was a totally different sight; with stones arranged to form the apex of the roof structure.CSC_0322A

Where sunlight comes through  openings. It was sort of mystical to look up through the blockwork opening towards the sky above .DSC_0247

86 thoughts on “Inside the Angkor Temple, Cambodia

  1. Cambodia is really #1 in my bucket list of places to see when I retire. I have seen so many beautiful pictures you’ve taken of their ruins, did you join a group tour or you did it on your own?

    • Hi, we didn’t join a group tour. Apart from a one day tour where we booked from the hotel, basically, we were on our own. Thank you 🙂

  2. As beautiful inside as it is amazing outside. Cambodia and Ankor Wat is an amazing place. An old friend of mine, from my school days, is due to visit there later this year. Like you, he is a well travelled person, but he only posts his photos on Facebook, no blog.

  3. Hi Michael, lovely photos – i think fate is playing tricks on me today, because Angkor
    Wat is the one place I do not want to be reminded of today and when i opened my reader, it is the first photo i see! But lovely place regardless 🙂

  4. We visited Angkor Wat last year – and what amazed me most was the size of the whole complex, and just how many temples there were. Amazing!

  5. Love the photos as always. Wish I visited Angkor wat before I left Singapore. But that’s ok it’s still on my travel list.

  6. A new airline will be out soon: Cambodian Airlines. It will certainly make visiting easier. The additional player in the industry might also drive the price of tickets down.

    I’ve always wanted to visit this place. Now, I can hardly wait because of your photos. Can you post some more?

  7. Beautifully captured! Were you there recently? I’ve seen many fascinating sights there and your pics reminded me of them too. 🙂

    • Yes, the photos were taken with a DSLR. I no l0onger carry a DSLR anymore because of the weight. All recent pictures were taken with a fixed lens non SLR camera. Thank you for liking the pictures 🙂

  8. I’m enjoying your photographs and the written narrative–I have never traveled so this is a treat! I could spend all day on your site.

  9. More great photo’s and in regards to another comment on this post you have visited a lot of countries. And as a suggestion as you seem to love the temples of Angkor is to visit another Khmer temple but its in Southern Laos. Wat Phou near Champassak amazing temple but simply wonderful location on the side of a mountain. Another one for those bucket lists!!

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