Street of Seville, Spain

After viewing the medieval bridge at Carhors, France, we passed through San Sebastian and entered into Spain.

We went as far south as Seville;  a place of immense beauty that I will never forget.

We roamed the streets of Seville as if any tourist did. We were in a maze of tiny, city-center streets which were little changed since medieval times.

In this part of the old town, I was particularly awed by the cobble street and the architecture on the sides.  The horse-drawn carriages and the shadows added to the atmosphere.

The color photo below brings my memory back to 1985, the year the trip was made.17-12-2004 4-20-16 PM_0008A

The yellow wheels of the carriages stand out from the image which otherwise looks quite plain.

While the color photo brings back memories of 1985; the sepia below brings back how I felt when I stood in the street taking the picture, surrounded by houses that were built many centuries ago.17-12-2004 4-20-16 PM_0008B

Again, another journey back in time  . . . . . . . . . . . I know as a retiree I now have all the time to go back in time  . . . . . . . . . . .