Weekly Photo Challenge : Patterns (2)

How could I have forgotten this image when posting on “Patterns”?

As part of the Three Gorges Cruise in China, we stopped by this temple and have a good look in the interior.DSCF6255A

Apart from the following which caught my eyes:

* four red timber columns supporting the roof with beamsย painted blue on the underside framing into them.

* four figures jutting out from the columns each with musical instruments in their hands.

* a Chinese lantern slung in the middle.

what attracted me most were the colorful patterns everywhere: on the ceiling, on the beams, gold-plated wood carvings near the bottom of the image.

Fantastic and colorful patterns!

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Patterns (2)

    • The image has got many objects there so this could be a bit confusing without any explanation. Thanks very much for reading and the kind comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Wow! Your photos are just excellent Michael! I plan to spend some more time looking at them. Beautiful, especially when seen through the eye of an artist such as yourself. Thank you for stopping by my blog; now I have something to try to aspire to! By the way, your written English is very very good!

  2. As always, your pictures are fantastic. You would love Boracay! You’d get great photos out of it. I have noticed you have not been to our country :). .. It is beautiful, but the politics – nah..

    • Hi Katheleen, thanks for liking both. The last posting is not that easy to understand without any background explanation. It does look like a puzzle! Regards, Michael

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