A Word a Week: Mountain

This is the first time that I make a submission to the “A Word A Week” challenge.

The “Word” for this week is “Mountain‘.

Mountains loom large in many people’s mind. I used to think of them being majestic, mysterious and sometimes even sacred.

In my travels, sometimes, the best scenery are the ones that I miss while travelling in a car or a coach. When there is no way you can stop and take a picture; may be because it is a single lane road with many cars behind you and /or there are no places to stop. Perhaps, this is just like the river of life, the best view are those you see on the road. ……… life just goes on and on and cannot be stopped somewhere in between.DSC_0192

But this does not deter me from taking pictures while the car / coach are moving, while risking the fact that objects in the forefront may look blur when the images come out.

While travelling in Yunnan, high up in a mountainous area where even taller mountains appeared before my eyes, I took several images while the coach was on the move. More than half of the images came out alright; some of them suffered from the glare reflecting from the coach window.

I like the way the clouds have come down in an almost triangular shape, hiding parts of the mountain but leaving the peaks exposed. I also like the several distinct bands of colors of the mountain, the land etc.

I just couldn’t forget the lonely and dreamy house there too and the feeling that this couldn’t be China – this could just be anywhere in the world ( or out of this world)!

88 thoughts on “A Word a Week: Mountain

  1. A great shot out of a moving vehicle! You are right, this could be somewhere in the Western US or Canada. I also agree with you – the best shots are often the ones you can’t stop for. Still they remain in our mind’s eye for a long time….

    • Readers seem to confirm that it is difficult to make out where an image is taken, it could be many places in the globe and that many of the good views are seen while moving on a vehicle. Thank you and have a great weekend 🙂

  2. When I look back at my photos, I too think to myself, that numerous images could have been located in so many diifferent places that I’ve been before. I guess it’s about differeing landscapes and bio-regions, repeating themselves.

    I always enjoy your diverse photos and commentaries. Thank you also, for your numerous visiits to my blog, and for ‘liking’ my take(s) on the world.

    Best regards, Michael

    • I think you are right. Unless there are some peculiarities in the images, otherwise, it may not be that easy to locate where they were taken. The plants and the lightness / darkness of the sky may give us some clues as to the altitude and latitude of the place. Thank you 🙂

  3. I like your poetic narrative as well as the beautiful shot. To be able to see such wonders with our beautiful eyes is already a blessing, because our heart is touched. Warm wishes!

    • Hi simplecherishes, I am not poet but would be happy to be one. When writing post, I like going back to the feelings when the picture was taken. Thank you 🙂

  4. A beautiful photo, Michael. I love the cloud in front encircling the one peak, and the cloud to the left in back slanting down behind that peak. The sun just catching the lower slopes is perfect. And the little house? That is the icing on the cake 🙂

    • You have described the image very well, I like it for similar reasons. I could should more similar pictures taken in Yunnan but am not sure whether they will be boring. Thank you 🙂

    • I have some photos with glare which were taken on the same trip / coach. Unfortunately, they cannot be saved. Thank you and have a great weekend 🙂

    • Glad to learn that you will be doing the Nepal walk. I don’t provide them with photos. I think they have download them with reference to me. regards, Michael

  5. You do have some impressive moutons! Hey, don’t stop at a word, these demand a novel!
    This is a stunning photograph and you appeared to compensate for the moving “coach” – is that a train coach you speak of?
    BTW, not EVERYWHERE has mountains like this. I live in the plains state of Oklahoma. Our “moutons” are just molehills compared to this beauty!

    • Hi Darla, I got images similar to this all taken on a tourist coach (bus). Some of them have vegetation in the foreground which becomes blur because of the speed of travel, others have glare from the window reflection. But still, there are at least a few more which are of similar quality to this one. I think I will show them when the opportunity comes. Have a great weekend 🙂

    • You too, I spent today with four of my seven grandchildren; we had a picnic and then I watched them play in their kiddy pool before they had to go take a nap! Nothing better!
      Oh, BTW, I meant MOUNTAIN not moutons! stupid spellcheck!

  6. Beautiful image!!!! I agree with you when you say that a lot of times the most beautiful things are just in the middle of the road…It happens all the time…And I like your idea of the “river of life…”..Yes, sometimes we are so busy looking for something that we do not pay attention to the things that surround us…That just happen to be there….

  7. Beautiful …. love how the cloud has sank over the tops …. this with taking the photos from cars or trains works very well … have manage to get some great shots. You have also manage to get that little barn so clear in the shot.

    • Sometimes, you know you will not be able to take that picture because the road is undulating or on a bend, or the views are blocked by frequent bushes etc. Then all you can do is to sit back and enjoy the view. Thank you and wish you a great week ahead 🙂

    • I think I have something like several thousand images in my external hard diskette. They are of two lots, images taken in the last 6-7 years (which make up a substantial proportion of my images) and slides taken in 1985 when I was based in London (these are fading slides that need to be saved by converting them into digital format and maybe even to sepia). When responding to photo challenges, I need to jog my memory where I think are those images. This is the more important part. Failing that, I have to go through my electronic folders to see what are the best images that best suit the challenge.
      Thank you 🙂

  8. I really enjoy the fact that this was taken while in motion – as a result it seems as if there is an illustrative, almost like an oil painting, type of effect to it.

  9. This is a fabulous image capturing the mists of the mountainous regions of which the Chinese scholars painted their wonder artistry of the brush. When looking at the ancient paintings one wonders where the rugged mountainous areas and the mists so beautiful can really occur. Your travels and efforts of capturing such images shows the world what the Mandarins experienced and expressed!!!!!

    • Hi, the more common Chinese landscape paintings usually have steep rising hills which I like very much. This image have some features readers say looks like Montana. There are many parts of China which I would like to show to the readers. Your thoughtful and kind comments are appreciated 🙂

    • I have several similar images taken in the moving vehicle but without a house. This one turns out a lot more interesting! Thank you 🙂

  10. Nice photo and I know what you mean about being in the car. On a recent trip to Jamaica, I wanted to stop and photograph the interesting shacks, shops and sites next to the road but I wasn’t the driver and there was nowhere to stop. Oh well….

    • Sometimes you are on long distance road travel and as you said, you are not the driver or circumstances do not allow but the picture out there is so attractive. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  11. Your images and storytelling, the places you’ve seen, never let up. Am always thrilled with your next (and past) adventures, Michael. You have a great knack for making your viewers come back for more. The fact that you have come back to visit my blog and like my posts is quite humbling, and for that I am grateful.

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