Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Travelling is our escape from the bustling city where we live.

What else can be better than an escape to the seaside of the blue Adriatic sea?

We escaped last year to the sunshine of Dubrovnik, Croatia – to the fortresses by the sea.

The medieval fortresses helped us cast our minds back many centuries, to a time when Dubrovnik was almost as strong as Venice.DSCF0746A

Gazing out to the enchanting blue Adriatic with the castle on our right, our minds escaped even further when we saw a boat speeding out to the open seas; a man rowing a small boat  leisurely near the castle waters and, sitting on the rocks of the rocky shore, was a man reading his book.

Sometimes, we would like to escape, doing several things we like  or to be at different places we enjoy at the same time. . . . . .  speeding out to the blue sea, rowing leisurely and sitting quietly on the rocks by the seaside. I know we can’t physically escape immediately from where we are, but the mere thought of escaping already lightens me up!

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