82 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

    • I like that image too; it could have been better if there are not so many houses in the background. Thank you for your perusal and kind words🙂

    • Hi Rusha, I moved far back enough the capture the crowd. I like the sharpness of the foreground and the blur in the background of the last picture. Thank you for your perusal and kind words🙂

  1. retireediary – I so much enjoy your photography and your descriptions. I dream of being able to explore many of the places you have been and finding such incredible views for myself. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Michael – I particularily was captivated by the photo of lavender flowering in the foreground, as the main point of interest, with the beautiful vista off in the distance. Usually the foreground leads the eye or frames the vista. This is an excellent example of “in the Background” . . . it is a stunning photo, with excellnet composition. Thanks for the post. keep up the good work . . . and thanks as well, for dropping and appreciating my posts, on Through the Luminary Lens.

    Best regards – Bruce

    • The Ocean Park Aquarium is also awesome, I like the jelly fishes there very much. Unfortunately, I’ve lost all my photos. Thank you😉

  3. Great choices, Michael. The visitors in the aquarium is particularly striking – the large scale, but also because the people look like silhouettes against the blue waters and rich fish life.

    • I particularly like the sting rays which floated down almost to the top of some of the visitors. Thank you for your perusal and kind words🙂

  4. Wow! I’m still working on mine. Tomorrow my mom, son and I will go to a beach for a kite festival. I’ll do my best to capture the kites as a background. Lol. I had trouble doing my “escape” because of my picture concept. It didn’t come out as I had hoped.😦 So, I’ll do my best to do this weeks photo challenge. Great pictures my friend!!!

  5. Beautiful shots. I’m in love with the second to last photo! The mists rising creating a blurred scene and the tree in the foreground. Really lovely. They all are, but that one is my favorite.

  6. Wow! Very beautiful….all of them, with very distinct explanations of “background”. Each is special! No wonder you have so many readers!

  7. First of all …
    I love your photos. Wish I was there.
    Second …
    You must be sleeping on your computer or your phone. I just post and less than three seconds you are the first to like it.
    Thanks by the way. ;0)

    • Hi, thanks for liking my photos. I just woke up and switched on the computer and found your post which I like. Have a good night🙂

  8. This is an awesome gallery – everyone of those photos – my favorite is Zhangjiajie with the trees in the foreground. You and your camera, the best team.

  9. The residents of Furano must really love the heavenly scented Lavender on a breezy day. Zhangjiajie, China looks so other-worldly and I can’t imagine living there.

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