156 comments on “Travel Theme: Pathways

  1. Great photos and dialogue! What a truly sublime and inspiring place to explore! Waterfalls and boardwalks – what a perfect combination! Thank you for posting🙂

  2. These pathways are embedded in such a natural way. I can see why you loved these curves,bends and scenic views of waterfalls and all that beckons down the path. Lovely, Michael.

  3. i think waterfalls that are spread out instead of those that crashes down in a singular motion tends to have a more calming effect to the surroundings =)

  4. Ooooh, Michael – fantastic choice! The boardwalks are a fantastic way to see everything, without danger, as you say, and without people tramping through such a delicate environment. Great shots🙂

    • I hope the boardwalks are more widely used. They proved to be very good, especially for the kids and for the seniors. Regards, Michael

    • I can see that they are becoming more and more used in areas wanting to bring the visitors to points of interest. Thank you🙂

    • I have a friend who is now a professor in architecture department in Qinhua University, he showed once before what is good architectural design that is coherent to the surround nature. In your photos, the design is a full respect of that aspect, and the nature. First, it is not about exotic design, second it is not complicated design, third, it is not a permanent design. I especially respect the last one, because why we build something that has a permanent mark on the nature if it is not in coherent with the surrounding? Showing the respect to nature, and more than humanity to me. Unfortunately in Asia, especially in China, there are a lot of such ugly and complicated designs.


    • Hi, you have got some very valid points. We shouldn’t be building anything permanent and not integrated with the natural surrounding. Building boardwalks with timber, bamboo or other locally available materials appear to be a good solution. This should be more widely adopted. Thank you for the perusal and kind words🙂

    • Serene, beautiful, and awe-inspiring photos and observations. Thank you for sharing.

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    • I would like to share more with you; but of course, my journeys always subject to the availability of time and funds. Thank you🙂

  6. Lovely photos! I’ve just got back from a week in Dubrovnik but missed Plitvice. Loads of people we spoke to said it was the highlight of their European travels, so I’ll have to go back one day.

  7. Lovely path. Idyllic. What things exist already in the world! Thanks for posting it for everyone here!

  8. Greetings Michael. Wonderful photos. My wife and I just returned from Croatia…stunning country. We planned on visiting the Lakes, but went to KRKA National Park instead…very similar, but on a smaller scale. I will be posting some phots soon in case you are interested. Your shots are great and give the beholder an opportunity to capture the essence of this area. Well done.

    • Hi Michael,
      Have never been to KRKA, will be very interested to view your photos. Thank you for the perusal and kind words🙂 Regards, Michael

    • Sometimes I feel blessed to be able to do all these travels and find the beautiful things for sharing. Thanks very much for your continued support and kind words😉

  9. What a wonderful place of beauty, I could nearly image walking along the boardwalk through your grat images! Thanks for visiting once again and liking my post for Memorial Day!

  10. Well I mean the boardwalk ones where the boardwalks are right thru the middle of the photo. You knew what I mean😛

  11. This is a great post. The pictures are perfect and I just long to walk on that boardwalk. Thanks for bringing my attention to these wonderful pathways. Keep it up!

  12. Your blog, your photos, your writing is so very beautiful! I visit when I need respite from stress, and I can be refreshed and recharged. Thank you for sharing all of this with us!

    • Hello, thanks for your encouraging comment. I am glad that my posts can help you to relax / recharged . . . I am happy that I am doing something that is of some use to other people. Thank you and have a great week end🙂

  13. I love the curving pathways as opposed to straight boardwalks. An inspiring design idea to keep in mind when I have my own house and backyard.

    • A straight alignment will spoil the atmosphere and the integration with the surrounding; this is indeed an inspiring design. Thank you🙂

  14. I hink they’re just as stunning this time around. Maybe this was one of your first few posts that I visited. I bet it was awesome to walk so close to waterfalls. Was there mosquitos there?

    • No, there were no mosquitos. I had a post on Plitvice Lakes; but on reviewing the photos, there are still quite a few photos that deserve publishing. I’ll post more when the time comes. Thank you🙂

  15. Wow! What stunning photos🙂 Those boardwalks are so amazing. I can’t even imagine being so close to the water and those beautiful waterfalls.

    • yes, the beauty of those boardwalks is that you can constructed them close to your subjects of interest; they are not permanent structures and can be removed at a later date if that become necessary. Thanks for the perusal and the comment🙂

  16. Amazing shots. Brave, too. I have phobias about getting to close to the edge. Even though not high in most of the shots, still make me nervous. But the images are worth the venture out. Thank you. It always is a treat and thrill to see the art in your photography.🙂 Jk

    • Luckily, the boardwalks are not that narrow; I felt quite safe walking those boardwalks, Many thanks for the encouraging comment🙂

    • Yes, the important thing seems to be beauty along the path; the path maybe different but the destination is the same for all. Regards, Michael

  17. Thank you for showing everyone this beautiful parthway through your exerlant photography. You appreciate natures beauty your and your gratitude shows in your words and art. You are certainly on the right parth.

    • I will remember Plitvice Lakes and the enjoyable moments at the lakes for a long time to come. Many thanks for the perusal and comment🙂

  18. Hi Michael , these are spectacular pictures of a beautiful pathways.Our son’s in law married to Croatian guy .they have an olive oil factory there. Best regards.jalal

  19. Thank you for the like on my post on Montenegro, I was glad to come across this post on Plitvice. We will be there in around two weeks. garrulous Gwendoline, The Reluctant Retiree

    • Hi the Reluctant Retiree, if I have the chance, I will travel again to the Croatia and nearby countries again. Thank you for the comment🙂

  20. what a beutiul place , I hope the next year I can travel to places like the one in the photo.

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