Travel Theme: Peaceful

Ailsa’ Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme for this week is peaceful.

Peace comes from within but there are some mental pictures which help us to achieve inner peace.

I like taking peaceful landscape photos, meaning the kind that make you want to quiet your busy mind, brew some hot tea and just take a deep breath.

In my superficial understanding, the common elements in my peaceful landscapes seem to include some of the following:

Serenity and calmness

Nothing exciting / disturbing

White color – from clouds / mist

Green color – from trees / grass

Blue color – from the sky or water/ sea

Wide open, unobstructed view so you can see forever.

Other qualities which are difficult to describe

For illustration, the image below was taken on a beach out in Koh Samui , Thailand where you have white clouds, blue sky / sea, unobstructed view as far as your eyes can see.DSC_0560

For the second image, I love the green view, the pavilion, the mist and the mountains behind. The image was taken in ZhangJiaJie, China.DSC_0058

The third image with fluffy white clouds, blue sky, wide open grassland was taken in Inner Mongolia, China.DSCF2318

I must admit that I still don’t understand what exactly constitutes peacefulness in a landscape picture. This will be part of a never ending search  in my future photography.