Travel Theme: Peaceful

Ailsa’ Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme for this week is peaceful.

Peace comes from within but there are some mental pictures which help us to achieve inner peace.

I like taking peaceful landscape photos, meaning the kind that make you want to quiet your busy mind, brew some hot tea and just take a deep breath.

In my superficial understanding, the common elements in my peaceful landscapes seem to include some of the following:

Serenity and calmness

Nothing exciting / disturbing

White color – from clouds / mist

Green color – from trees / grass

Blue color – from the sky or water/ sea

Wide open, unobstructed view so you can see forever.

Other qualities which are difficult to describe

For illustration, the image below was taken on a beach out in Koh Samui , Thailand where you have white clouds, blue sky / sea, unobstructed view as far as your eyes can see.DSC_0560

For the second image, I love the green view, the pavilion, the mist and the mountains behind. The image was taken in ZhangJiaJie, China.DSC_0058

The third image with fluffy white clouds, blue sky, wide open grassland was taken in Inner Mongolia, China.DSCF2318

I must admit that I still don’t understand what exactly constitutes peacefulness in a landscape picture. This will be part of a never ending search  in my future photography.

116 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Peaceful

    • Hi, it seems so far you are the only reader who likes the Mongolian sky best. Maybe, it is not an uncommon scene in many parts of the globe. Thank you 🙂

  1. Your photographs capture true serenity. All of them are beautiful, but your first in the series took my breath away!

  2. If I might contribute my thought on peacefulness in a landscape – I think it mainly comes from within and what I may see as peace… someone else, it may be totally opposite depending on their life experiences and how they interpret it. I live by the ocean and I see it as being in constant motion even on a calm day. The tide will change unendingly and I feel I want to walk and kick sand and run in the water. It gives me a feeling of joy, but not calm. Your second photograph with the pavilion, mountains and mist and the trees is to me a peaceful scene. I feel serenity surround me in this type of environment. It gives me a sense of welcoming warmth and a calm tranquility from the life force in the vegetation, the mountain, the mist. I want to walk slowly down the pathway, enter the forest, breathe……But that is just me and I hope you don’t mind me sticking my two cents worth in here. I love your photos and look forward to each new post.

    • Hi, thanks for the very good and thought provoking analyses. I am glad you like the images also. Thank you for your comment and for the following 🙂

  3. I think you’ve captured it perfectly. The last photo looks very much like the Alberta prairies, down any giving side road, where hard working families make their way thru live. Peaceful for sure

    • As one reader pointed out, peacefulness can be quite subjective. I think I know what I consider peaceful but this may not be the same for all readers. Thank you 🙂

  4. Interesting question. I suppose since we’re talking about a feeling — peacefulness — then a peaceful photo is one that inspires a feeling of peacefulness! Since it’s subjective, it might be slightly different for everyone.

    I can relate to your difficulty identifying what constitutes a peaceful photo. But it’s much easier for me to recognize things that have the opposite effect. Reds and oranges and lots of motion and sharp angles are very agitating. Other complex designs can be very “interesting” or inspiring, but in an energy-raising way. I think somewhere between there and “boring” is a familiar and comfortable blend of color and shape and motion that does not provoke or disturb or energize, that is simply… Peaceful.

    • Hi, many thanks for your analyses which I totally agree. Maybe, one of the items I should have added to my posts is “simple in design” or even minimalism.
      Regards, Michael

  5. Your images do send out the message of peacefulness. But you are right. It is not easy to display or communicate the level of peacefulness. What actually constitutes the feeling of peacefulness? Is that the color, the image, or the interpretation? I would think ALL of these!

  6. Excellent photographs. Number one has perfectly still water plus no foot prints in the sand – I am alone with my thoughts. Number two has harsh rock face softened by edgeless fog. Number three has full puffy clouds that are not strung-out by the wind. All three are very peaceful, but peace is the result of something different in each photo. I have been stuck here trying to tie it all together … but unable to. Almost like peace is—mystical …

    • Glad that you like all three images. I suppose the idea of peacefulness is different with everyone, depending on experience, culture, the mood at the time etc. but there should some common elements which most people attribute to peacefulness. Many thanks for the thoughtful comment 🙂

  7. truly peaceful. The rocks on the glass-like lake with the mountains in the background are breathtaking! And the pastoral with the pagoda is so serene that I want to go there and claim it as my “happy place!” Thank you for sharing these gorgeous views.

  8. Beautiful, breathtaking photography. I love the serenity of several Asian countries, and our home is graced with decorations from the various cultures. It makes for peaceful surroundings as I sit and write. Thank you for sharing your work here.

    \ 🙂 /
    Praise Jesus.

  9. I have skimmed some of the comments, so others may agree with me. My favourite is number 3. There is nothing so peaceful as stretching out in the middle of a paddock/field on a sunny day and watching the clouds pass by. And if by chance some sheep, cattle drop in to say hello, then that is a bonus. No, I am not mad, at least I don’t think so. I have lived in farming community for 55 years and have stretched out and admired the scenery many times. My (working) dogs also loved the opportunity to get a bit closer to me.

    • Hi, lying on the grass, watching the blue sky with white clouds drifting by would be most peaceful to me. This is now difficult for me in this urban area I am based. I think I will enjoy the life you talked about. Many thanks for the perusal and comment 🙂

  10. Your blog is a pleasure and in this post you captured so simply without any superfluous distraction images beauty and peace perfectly. I am honoured that a person with your talent liked my post.Thank you.

  11. They are all beautiful, but I think I lean toward the second one. Thanks for coming around again and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post on “Curves”.

  12. Thanks for stopping by to like one of my posts. I have not been posting lately or able to read other blogs but I hope to be back to normal soon. I have always enjoyed your posts. Peace to you!

  13. First let me say I love your blog Title. Then may I say thank you for liking several of my posts. I’m glad you enjoyed them, but I’m happy that through your ‘like’ I found your blog. Beautiful images that perfectly capture your chosen theme. Well done Michael.

  14. Nice to find your blog. Like your photos. Ahh, retirement, the time in life where you can Just Be Me. Enjoy every moment. Make it a good day!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog; hope you would like it. I am trying to make best use of my time in retirement. Many thanks for the kind words 🙂

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