Down by the West Lake on a Rainy Day

It rained continuously for several days while we were in West Lake, China.

The rain did not deter us from visiting the various places of interest in this poetic UNESCO site .DSCF6446A

We were sent into deep thoughts as we descended the steps to the  banks of the West Lake  and watched the ripples on the water surface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

36 thoughts on “Down by the West Lake on a Rainy Day

    • Hi April, glad that you like the contrast. I am also no pro but love the serenity of the place. Thanks very much for the perusal and kind comment 🙂

  1. Great contrast & perspective in this shot. Also, I think it’s amazing that you’re blogging in English, even if it’s your second language. I’m starting to learn French, but doubt I could blog in it! 🙂

  2. I feel like I could be sitting on the patio in your picture, looking out at the lake and being very much at peace. Lovely photo.

    • I must admit the original photo in color is not as good,; that was the main reason why I have converted it to B&W. Many thanks for the perusal and comment 🙂

    • Hi Bulldog, many thanks for the comment and the continued support; it’s people like you that makes me continue and enjoy blogging. Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Michael, I love this shot and your commentary about it. May I have your permission to use your photo and your sentence about it on my blog? I have a post planned for “Continuously and Continually.” Your photo and comment are a perfect match for that post.
    And on another matter, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I realize that you have many more followers than the usual Liebster nominee, but I enjoy your photos and commentary so much that I wanted to add you to my nominee list. You can respond to the Liebster or not. But please accept the recognition for a much enjoyed blog.

    • Hi Janice, there is no problem of using my photo/ text in your blog if you would provide a link back to my blog. Thanks so much for the nominations which I understand are important awards. I have decided not to pursue or accept any nomination / award during my retirement and for this reason, I have already turned down all similar awards. Knowing that my blog is read in many places of the world (over 160 countries) is already my biggest reward. Thanks for enjoying my posts and thinking of me for the nominations. Regards, Michael

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