Travel Theme: Flow

Ailsa’s latest Travel Theme is “Flow“.

Ninety kilometers from Kunming in China  is Jiuxiang ( Nine Villages) ; a land of limestone caverns, underground streams  and many interesting natural features.

Running through the Jiuxiang cavern is a natural stream course which flows and carves its way through and creating dramatic waterfalls on the way.

We have been walking up and down the many steps inside the colossal cave, admiring the natural wonders of the stalactites / stalagmites and the vastness of the cave. We have also taken a short but delightful boat ride on the underground river, floating down the river.

We couldn’t help admiring at the sight of the twin waterfalls plunging down from the upper part of the cave. Understand that the waterfalls could be up to 30m tall and in several tiers during the wet seasons.DSC_0419

What was more amazing was the golden background on the side of the waterfalls, water just seem to flow past a pot of gold by the side.

It looks like that the waterfalls have been there for ages and will continue to be there till eternity . . . . . . . . . . . . .