Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

This week’s Challenge is “Curves“.

While many of human’s construction are based on straight lines,  curves do seem more appealing to the eyes.

The most common type of curve is the circle or in a three-dimensional world, the sphere.

Both the interior and exterior of the Sophia Mosque in Turkey exhibit a lot of circular curves. It is amazing to see that the circular domes at several levels harmoniously merged together to form a graceful structure with a column free space underneath.CIMG0448

Nature creates a lot of curves too. The picture below is the Obruk Han Golu, doline (sinkhole) below the caravansary near Cappadocia. We were standing at a higher level looking down to the big hole when the sun was setting. Two men were  taking pictures near to the edge of the hole. They may have disturbed some birds taking refuge at the rocks; the birds flew out in flocks (see the tiny white dots over the water). The sight was just surreal.CIMG0272A

Several things from my trip to Bath, UK in 1985 always came to mind. They are the Roman Bath, the Royal Crescent and the weir just downstream of the  Pulteney bridge on the River Avon.28-01-2005 11-53-42 AM_0001

The weir was rebuilt in 1970s in its current ‘V’ shape with an associated flood control gate on the east side of the river. The Pulteney weir was featured in the recently released film of Les Misérables.

The weir has carefully combined engineering and art to form an icon for the town.

While we have plenty of straight lines, we need a lot more curves in our built environment. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. I remember that weir in les Mis, great photos, Michael. I’ve been in a great biodome in England that was very curvy. It looks great on the horizon.

    • Hi, we always wanted to be able to go in a straight line in the shortest possible route, but life is always not that easy and straight forward. we go in curves, sometimes making too much of a detour. Sometimes, things can go from bad to worse, we are back full circle. But the thing is , we learn how to enjoy while making the detour 🙂

  2. I love your explanation about life not being straight forward above. What are curves and detours after all but an opportunity to see something you perhaps would not have encountered had you stayed on the straight pathway! Very excellent photos for this particular photo challenge. I wish I had even a drop of your talent with the camera lens.

    • Hi, I wish I have included something in the post about curves / detours in life. I didn’t know that photography can play an important part in my life, until after retirement. thank you for the kind words 🙂

  3. Have to say, I love curved buildings, not sure why, they just feel better, no sharp edges I suppose, great feng shui 🙂

  4. ciao! you really met this challenge well. curves go to my head…cy twombly thrills. and so does your head spinning fantastic photos.

  5. Hi Michael. I’ve turned my like button off but can’t stop it in WordPress Reader. I would really appreciate if you would unfollow me and not use it any more. thank you.

  6. Great shots, Michael, all of them. I can’t say I would want to get as close to the edge as the fellows did who startled the birds. Your mention of Bath UK brings to mind that Bath NY is just down the road from where I live. In Bath, there is a Pulteney Square, and just off the square is the oldest cemetery in Steuben County where are buried many people from (or descended from) the UK. There is also a Pulteney Street here in Corning.

  7. The curved architecture in Hagia Sophia is all the more impressive because it was completed in the 6th century. As always, your photos are excellent, Michael. (And I am happy to have you continue to follow my blog!)

  8. A lovely set of curves pictures. The last one, of the waterfall in Bath brought back good memories. I have some family photos taken on the path to the top right of your photo. One is of the view looking down and back at the waterfall and the flood control gate. The photo taken immediately after that is of the other three members of my family, my Dad, Mum and sister, standing on the pavement there. It was 1972 and I was only 10, but I remember that v shaped waterfall!

    • It is a very picturesque location; no wonder that your family has been taking pictures there. Glad that it brings back fond memories.Thank you 🙂

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