A Word a Week Challenge: Tropical

For many a time, we would just like to get away from the cold weather and, perhaps, getting away from it all.

This is the time when I would like to buy myself a ticket and escape to the tropics. . . . . a time when the lyrics of the song “Buy Me  Ticket to the Tropics” resonates in my mind . . . . . . . DSC_0528A

Here I’m sitting
And it’s getting cold.
The morning rain against my window, babe
While the weather looks all cold and gray.
In my mind I drift away
While I’m on my way to tropic island.
You always said I was a dreamer.
You were right up my way. . . . . . . . .

PS  Picture with beach and palm trees in the background was taken in a wellness resort on Koh Samui island, Thailand where we have just started another day in paradise.