A Word a Week Challenge: Tropical

For many a time, we would just like to get away from the cold weather and, perhaps, getting away from it all.

This is the time when I would like to buy myself a ticket and escape to the tropics. . . . . a time when the lyrics of the song “Buy Me  Ticket to the Tropics” resonates in my mind . . . . . . . DSC_0528A

Here I’m sitting
And it’s getting cold.
The morning rain against my window, babe
While the weather looks all cold and gray.
In my mind I drift away
While I’m on my way to tropic island.
You always said I was a dreamer.
You were right up my way. . . . . . . . .

PS  Picture with beach and palm trees in the background was taken in a wellness resort on Koh Samui island, Thailand where we have just started another day in paradise.

36 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Tropical

  1. Even Winter in the Southern Tropics is still warm this time of year. It’s only gotten as low as 3c to date, but that is for maybe only half an hour in the morning. After that, it is winter sun, and deep blue skies that reflect upon the Coral Sea. Winter or Summer, the Dry Season, or the Wet Season in the tropics is such a delight, rain, or shine, except in the case of severe storms which come to tango on occasions.

    Like the sepia touch with the photo, Michael, express the warmth of the location on an elevated level…

    • Escaping physically from a place is not that difficult, however, to be physiologically escape so that you are absolutely free from oneself is difficult. Thank you 🙂

  2. How lovely, I feel it this morning, it’s Canada Day here, the sun is shining and the ocean gives that scent to the air and already it is 28C. I recognize those words, they are from the thoughts of those of us northerners in winter. LOL Very appealing photo.

  3. Oh yes indeed! Just like how I feel in winter. I would love to be on a tropical island now. 😀
    Great shot and words and thanks for sharing. Love your photo’s. 😀

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