Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic (2)

A couple of readers asked whether I also have a color version of the B&W photo taken at Rochester, UK in 1985 which was featured in my last post.

Yes, I do have one which has just a few more colors added – from the flowers. Otherwise, it is still mainly B&W,

Please enjoy!ML5A

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic (2)

    • This is the original photo. I think in fact it is more interesting, except that I wanted to illustrate the point on B&W and being nostalgic, otherwise, I should have use this color version. Thank you!

  1. Hello Michael,
    Nice House.
    Beautiful images made by the Centro in Oberhausen.
    And yesterday posted much interessaantes.
    Again nice sky pictures look even among the so-called favourites after if you like.You can find the friends Andrea at the bottom on my page in the Mitte.Hab greetings sends a beautiful Dienstag.Herzlichste

  2. When ever I can’t decide if I like B/W or color I always fall back on color. The red flowers add a touch of life amid the concrete and walls. Thanks for stopping by and liking my posts Michael.

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