Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (2)

This week’s photo challenge is The Golden Hour.

In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day.

The images here were taken in the last hour of sunlight of the day in Langkawi, Malaysia.

The island of Langkawi is our favorite destination for relaxation.  We very much enjoy going out to the beach when the sun is setting and lazing around the beach until the sun finally set.DSC_0374

We like the tranquility of the beach, with the nearby islands silhouetted against an orange sky; the soothing murmurs of the sea as the gentle waves lap on the shore and also the reflection of the islands on the calm waters.DSC_0368

One of the readers commented that the Golden Hour is “La Hora Magica”. I love this in Spanish. It is indeed the magical moment. The minutes just before complete darkness sets in is even more magical. The sea and the sky have turned into a darker shade, but there are colorful streaks in the sky, appearing between the darker clouds.

The scene with islands, boat, tranquil waters illuminated under the last rays of light are not just golden but magical,  dreamy and picturesque; a scene  that we wish will last forever. . . . . . . .

76 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (2)

  1. How beautiful. In film that transition from sunset to twilight/nighttime is called the magic hour and it’s my favorite time of day. Now I’ll probably think of the “golden hour”, very nice.

  2. You have captured the essence of the golden hour so beautifully, both in the pictures and in your words. Really, really nice.

  3. Good morning Michael,
    Giant pictures of the last hour of sunlight of the day in Langkawi, Malaysia.Ich delight me very tuned and wish you a beautiful Wednesday full of such Glücksmomente.Herzlichste greetings Andrea sends friends

    • Hi Rusha, have never thought of publishing calendars but I know friends who make several copies of calendar with their favorite photos for their own use. Thank you 🙂

  4. The colours of the world can light stories in such interesting ways, the moments before, and the moments after… A beautiful time of day, as does your photography recollect…

  5. You Have captured that magic moment in the magig golden hour.
    While looking at your photo I recalled a line from my childhood.
    Between the dusk and the daylight when the day is beginning to lower comes a pause in the days occupation that is known as the children’s hour.
    81 and I thinking of the childrens hour. Thank you for prompting these thoughts.

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