Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (3)

Some more photos from Jennie, my sister-in-law, on sunset in Africa.

This is a series of four images, taken as the sun went down.DSCF2863

Beautiful sky with swirling clouds, the sun reflected in the calm waters, tranquil lake with tropical water plants.DSCF2892

La Hora Magica – as one of my readers described this golden hour in Spanish!DSCF2900

In fact,  no words  can adequately describe it, it is something to be experienced – no matter where you are – in a city,  the bush, rainforests, mountains or lakes, you will love experiencing the African Sunset.DSCF2886

When the sun finally set and give way to total  darkness, you are overcome by the trillion of stars in the sky.

47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (3)

  1. Words cannot do these photos and sunsets justice. Awesome is the best I can do. Your sister in law is as wonderful a photographer as you are Michael.

    • What seems normal to us may seem amazing to others. For instance, I am so used to seeing the HK harbor and do not find it as amazing as many of the readers do. Likewise, the African sunset seem so natural and normal to you but seem very attractive to others. Thank you Bulldog 🙂

    • I hope to show more of Jennie’s photos in the future; also hope that you will fulfill you wish of visiting Africa someday. Regards, Michael 🙂

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