Travel Theme: Tilted

The theme this week at Where’s My Backpack is Tilted.….

Objects which are naturally tilted are more interesting than those which are tilted with human intention or manipulation; objects tilted by rotating the photo or the camera fall into the latter category.

We were travelling up the very steep hills of Tateyama- Kurobe in Japan. The tram was crowded. No seats were left  and I could hardly stand upright in the tram which took us up the steep incline.

Looking out of the tram window, many trees appeared slanting. I realized that this may only be a perception.  A perception that you get looking out of a tilted window frame as reference when the tram made the ascent.

The view from the tram was picturesque as the autumn foliage was colored. Some trees, I noted, however were tilted naturally. The fact that some of the topsoil gradually slipped down the steep slope has brought the trees along with them.DSC_0084

One tree looked particularly tilted (evidenced by comparing the non-verticality with the neighboring trees). I quickly took a picture while trying to  stand upright, never realizing that I could use such a photo for a challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .