Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This week’s challenge is Masterpiece.

This is not my masterpiece. I have gone through my archive, unfortunately, none of the photos in my collection can qualify as a masterpiece.

There may be one or two photos taken in the non-digital era that I would like to think are my masterpieces. However, I have lost them; they only exist in my memory. In my retirement, I will be searching for my masterpiece for sharing.DSCF2784

This image is a response to requests ( in English and Spanish!) from several reader friends.Β  It is the color version of the B&W picture IΒ uploaded in my last post Black and White Photo Challenge: Abstract.

As blogger friend OpallaΒ has pointed out, this is a new Rorschach test which I have created. The image may depict ice cube, bubbles, horse rearing up, smoke etc. It just reflects what is on your mind.

Hope you would like this image too.

62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

  1. You have many WONDERFUL photos. Please don’t sell yourself short. Besides, you have pictures of nature . . . pictures of true masterpieces. Art can never be a substitute for the masterpiece that is before our eyes in nature, but captured well, art can still stir and lift our hearts.

    And by the way, I like this color version of your abstract. A masterpiece is always in the eye of the heart that is touched by it. Blessings, Pat

    • Given so many requests, I don’t think I can get away with not posting the color one. I likes the many comments comparing the two – interesting! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Yes, it will make a great painting. Thank you Sonel, without your B&W Challenge, I wouldn’t have posted the B&W picture and subsequently the color one. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Masterpiece or not it is a super photo , Michael. I see on the bottom on the right a figure with spread arms and who let all drops flee freely in the air.
    groetjes, Francina

  3. It looks to me like an abstract painting depicting circus performers.
    The physiatrist showed his test book to a patient and in every ink blot the patient saw people engaged in sex. He was not pleased with the doctors diagnosis and protested “I am not obsessed with sex, you are the one showing the obscene book.” Jokes aside I really like the photo.

  4. That`s right, this picture reminds me on the Rorschach-test as well, although it`s not that symmetrical as the the Rorschach pictures. For me, by the way, it`s ice but that`s because I am just writing about ice on my blog. Isn`t every abstract picture a screen for projections?
    Greeting from the sunny coast of Norfolk

    • Hi Klausbernd, have never been to Norfolk. Cambridge is the closest I got to. Do you also have a WordPress blog? Will be interested to see your writing about ice. Greetings from Hong Kong πŸ™‚

  5. Just amazing, Michael …. for me is it all about two elements … two contrasts: fire and water. This I would love to blow up to 70×50 and frame – amazing.

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