Sunset On The waterfall (2)

I think I will never understand what photos my reader friends would like.

Two months after posting a single photo on Sunset On the Waterfall, I got over 540 “Likes” and 50 comments! That was totally unexpected.

With that, I can’t help posting the other photo which was taken as a “portrait” on the same spot.DSCF2942A

This photo was taken more for the reflection and ripples on the water surface.

The sun was setting  and the bamboo raft was entering into the shadow.

Again, the scene looks surreal. . . . . . .

82 thoughts on “Sunset On The waterfall (2)

  1. It’s just such an amazing setting and that little wooden raft appears so flimsy as it approaches the waterfall.

  2. Sometimes what we think is ordinary, to others can be quite remarkable. It may be familiarity, we’ve taken the picture, looked at it and then put it up. So maybe some of the magic has gone. The viewer sees it for the first time and is captured by the beauty of your work.

  3. Well it is another brilliant photo… funny how some photos are more pleasing to viewers than ourselves… it’s recognising what others like that is difficult to the photographer… but this photo is brilliant…

  4. o.m.g. that is surreal! The people on the raft look so unaware of the mighty force of the waterfall ahead of them, and the calming effect of the shimmering reflection is a total contrast to the power of the falls.

  5. A picture says a thousand words and maybe says a thousand different things to each viewer. For me, it’s mystical, still almost and yet there is an amazing amount of energy going on in the waterfall.

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