115 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

  1. The sea is so many things. We only see the top of it, what lies within and below is so mysterious and amazing. I have an ocean view where I live and each day I can see something different. Always, it draws me to it. I never tire of looking at it. I too love the ocean and never tire of looking at it whether it be calm, agitated, sparkling, furious and white capped. Beautiful pictures – all of them.

    • Hi, as somebody who doesn’t know diving, my images are all taken from land. Anyway, I also like taking pictures at aquariums which allow me some insight into the under water world! Thank you🙂

  2. Like you, I love the sea. You have done an excellent job in catching the ever-changing face of the ocean. Some of my favourite seascapes include the wild west coast of Southern Africa, the west coast along the south island of New Zealand and Halong Bay in Vietnam.

    • I have seen many images of Ha Long Bay and will make a trip someday. Will be nice to see some photos of the other coast you mentioned. Thank you🙂

  3. Some very striking images there. Probably the most was the cliff face with holes showing the awesome power of the sea. I also loved the Baltic Sea picture showing the islands and the neat rows of little boats in the harbour and the tiny people on the quay side surrounded by the little houses with the red roofs.

  4. Estoy dando vueltas y vueltas en el mundo detrás de ti, y tras esos viajes tengo un reguero de palabras que guardo en el tesoro de lenguajes que nos unen a la vida planetaria.

    • Apologize that my Spanish is still too elementary to allow me to respond to you in that language. we are world citizens, the difference in languages does not prevent us from communicating and my/your photos can say a thousand words without actually saying it. Thank you, my friend🙂

  5. Wonderful pictures, Michael. To me, the last shows the most serenity. Love the tiny touch of color–the flower. Just curious, do you remember–or still have–the camera you used to take the 1985 photo?

  6. Loved your photo collection here, Michael, and the way you brought it to a quiet, contemplative close.

    My best sea memory is a clear day after a storm, with the surf was still up at a particular little overlook along the ocean drive just outside Carmel, CA. I had no camera, but won’t ever forget sitting and watching the waves crash into the rocky coast.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi del, sometimes images would stay in our mind- forever! I have lost almost all of my non-digital photos, but many of the images in there will forever stay in my brain. Regards, Michael

  7. I grew up very near Lake Michigan and spent summers on the Lake as a child. I, too, always go to water for serenity. When I moved away from the lake for 35 years, the yearning for the sound of the waves was indescribable. When I moved back about 10 years ago, the same spot I cherished as anxious, frightened child was where God reassured me at the age of 65 that I was his child and that he would always take care of me. That was even more indescribable.

  8. I love the sea. Like you, being near it calms me. These pictures are beautiful, Michael, and you have inspired me to visit Croatia.

  9. Thank you for this post – I long to live by the sea. Thanks for transporting some of us who may not have access to it – if only for a short moment.

    Beautiful shots!

    • I am keenly aware some of us are landlocked and it would be delightful if they can see the sea from these week’s challenge on the sea. Regards, Michael

    • I am keenly aware some of us are landlocked and it would be delightful if they can see the sea from these week’s challenge on the sea. Regards, Michael

    • I envy you that you are able to live / stay in places for a long time. For many of these places, my perspective was only a travelers. I missed many of the really local / cultural stuff. Regards,Michael

  10. Thanks Michael for looking in our blog and sharing your beautiful images. Great to see you giving and getting such pleasure from beauty. Anne

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I feel the same way about the sea. Having spent 5 years by the sea i now find myself in landlocked Bolivia and am so looking forward to the next time I get to stand by the water. Great photos and poem🙂

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