Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV (2)

This challenge is so interesting that I couldn’t help submitting another entry.

This is the view from the 62nd floor of a rotating restaurant on Hong Kong island. In an about an hour’s time, the view will have changed one complete round.

This is one of the best places to view the cityscape and the hills in the background, while having a drink or a meal.DSCF3230

Further afield, making our way down from the Spanish Castle on Hvar island, Croatia, we have a special view of the harbor and boats in between the walls on the sides of an alley. It is unbelievable that trees still grow in this narrow space and climbing higher and higher to reach out for sunlight.DSCF0597

The enjoyable walk on the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia brought us from one fortress to another. The image below is a view from one of the windows of a fortress.DSCF0897

The alleys in Annecy, France are quite narrow. It is difficult to get an unobstructed view of the building façade on the other side of the alley.  The image of the pastel color facades was taken underneath an archway.DSCF1089

Coming back to China, our trip took us to the MiuTianYu section of the Great Wall. It was just amazing to walk through miles and miles of the wall during the Autumn season. This is a view through the arch way along the section.DSCF2697

In Yunnan, some of the buildings are built in a quadrangle with a square opening in the middle. Here, we have a good view of the trees and the sky from the square at ground level.DSC_0177

Back home, while hiking, we noticed from our hiking path that trees are closing in competing for light.CIMG2963

What an interesting array of trees!

If we look close enough, there are always special views to be seen!

76 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV (2)

  1. These are gorgeous views. You have framed each one beautifully, and I feel as if I’m right there. I’m ready to reach for a napkin and put it in my lap in the first shot and wait for the menu, and in another shot I could skip down the Great Wall of China.

    • We were there in late October, near sunset on the MiuTianYu section which has a lot less tourists than the Baidaling section. However, it is located further out from the Beijing capital. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, some of the conditions for making use of my photos are given in my About / Copyright page. I won’t have objection for your sharing them if the conditions are met. Regards, Michael

  2. Michael, The perspective in these is amazing. . . I’ve been thinking this week about the fact that we put God in a box and make him who we want him to be instead of who he is. These pictures remind me that perspective is everything and can be ever changing if we let it – even of who God is.

  3. I LOVE the fortress hole shot and the archway. I always take photos from looking out of holes, ect especially when it’s in a fortress, castle ect…I have some pretty cool similar photos but I’m not as talented a photographer as you.
    SO COOL.
    These are great pov shots.

  4. Excellent photos, as always. Most of us wouldn’t have thought to frame the shot of Dubrovnik the way you did, but it is very effective. You were also very fortunate to be on a section of the Great Wall at a time when it wasn’t overrun with tourists!

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