Sunday Stills: Headshots

I  am pretty late for this challenge on Headshots which is the subject of last week.

Four images immediately come to mind for this challenge.

The Buddha heads at Angkor Wat, Cambodia . . . . . . DSC_0382A

and, on a completely different subject, the Humphead fish at the Okinawa aquarium.

Isn’t it cute?DSC_0242A

The third one was  taken in the Chime Long zoo, China. What a surprise!CIMG1050

The last one is a close up shot of the head of a terracotta soldier at an exhibition. Hope that it doesn’t scare you.CIMG2367

So, which one is your favorite?

73 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Headshots

    • Thank you Ron.

      Within 48 hours of posting, I received 37 votes.

      13 votes for the Buddha head at Angkor Wat.
      13 votes for the Humphead fish
      4 votes for the orangutan
      7 votes for the terracotta warrior head.


  1. I love all of them but my favorites are the second and the third one. Although I would say the first one is just awesome too. The fourth one does scare me a little bit. Take care and have a nice week.

    • Unfortunately, when they were exhibited in Hong Kong, the organizer put the terracotta warriors mostly behind curved glass, making them very difficult to be photographed. Regards, Michael

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