Travel Theme: Multicolored

Ailsa’s theme this week is Multicolored.

The picture was taken in Yunnan, China.102

This shop was displaying colored textile products on the outside.

My software has assisted me in counting the number of colors – the image has 659,920 colors!

I suppose it includes all shades of the more basic colors. So, definitely, this is multicolored!

54 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Multicolored

  1. Thanks Michael for your shared images, and very positive vibe on your blog. I retire soon and although I won’t ever travel like you have, I sure appreciate what you have shared.

    • Hi, thanks for liking the vibe. I am sure there will be plenty of things that we can do in our retirement which will keep us active and happy. best wishes on your coming retirement!

  2. That’s wonderful, Michael, especially when I clicked on it to make it bigger. I love shopping for fabrics – this shop would be like Heaven for me. The shop front is gorgeous as well.

  3. You may inspire me (again) to post some market pics I have. I just love to see how different countries sell their wares. I was entranced by bowls of beads and rows of ceramics when I was in Jerusalem. In Paris, display cases featuring food I had never seen before and a store selling racks of ribbon were so interesting. Recently, in Saratoga Springs, New York, I had to take pictures of the pastel colored petit fours.

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