Song to the Moon

Tonight is the night for the Mid Autumn Festival.

We are having a full moon here and I just couldn’t help taking a picture of it with my little crappy camera.CIMG3472

It’s also a  time for listening to my favorite song “Song to the Moon”

Please enjoy!

66 thoughts on “Song to the Moon

  1. Happy Mid-autumn Festival, Michael! We are 12 hours behind from HK, and I’ll see what I can capture tonight, and I shall be playing Clair de Lune while eating mooncakes. 🙂

    • On zooming to the moon, the grains in the image are quite coarse. However, it doesn’t seem to matter as there are not many colors or details in the image. Thank you 🙂

    • Oh, we all make these little jokes in our blog… I’m sure your camera will forgive you. Yes, I think the full moon has been a very peaceful sight in our sky — and it made me remember, and again appreciate, the Moon Chest installation in the AGO Ai Weiwei exhibition. It is quite magic to look through the boxes, and see the phases of the moon spiralling before you.

    • Yes I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity, right here in Toronto. His exhibition has attracted a great deal of attention — of a very thoughtful kind, and across cultures.

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