Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week’s challenge is Inside.

The definition of Inside is quite circular : “the inner or internal part; interior”

Does “Inside” only have a meaning when there is an “outside“?

What does it mean when it is now possible to fly outside the universe?

Honestly, I don’t know. However, I would like to think that Inside only has a meaning when there is an outside, so Inside is only relative.

If I were a Panda inside a zoo, most visitors will see me as being in captivity, but equally, I would be perplexed why people have to struggle in the outside world.

In the following, I am trying to illustrate my perspective of Inside.

The first picture is looking inside out from a cavern in Yunnan, China. My focus is more on the picturesque bridge, the flowing water and the green foliage outside of the cavern.DSC_0406

The second photo shows the stalactite dripping down from a limestone cavern in Okinawa, Japan. The limestone laden water has been dripping down for millions of years. Barely visible underneath the stalactite is a walkway; when compared with the stalactite, the walkway seemed so tiny.DSC_0027

The third picture is looking from the outside to the inside of a prison cell in the Spanish Castle on Hvar island. This looks quite frightening.DSCF0579

The fourth picture is the Buddha statute inside a cave in Datong, China.DSCF2404

The last picture is looking up the ceiling inside the temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.CSC_0322A

Depending on the perspective, one could be inside as well  as outside, but there are always beautiful pictures on both “sides”!