Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

This week’s photo challenge is “From Lines to Patterns“.

I would have liked to show the Nazca lines from the air in Peru; but since this trip is still on my wish list, instead, I will show a collage of photos from my archive.

Never tired of showing the lines of columns in the underground reservoir in Istanbul, Turkey. The lines of columns flared out into curvy arches at the column tops; showing another pattern which blends well with the columns.CIMG0605

The arch bridge in Switzerland is my other favorite image for showing lines and curves. Clean vertical solid lines springing from the circular arch of an motorway bridge support the bridge deck.DSCF1124A

I like the silvery vertical lines of the organ assembly in a church of the Baltics.DSC_0389

The neat lines of the windows at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, a design by I M Pei, are some of the most pleasing lines for the eyes.005

Looking up the roof of the aquarium in Okinawa, we were attracted by the repetitive pattern of the inverted V-shaped structural elements which formed the roof.DSC_0189

Also in Japan are some bamboo which grow so tall and straight, terminating into a natural pattern of bamboo leaves at the top.DSC_0044

Back in Beijing, China, the irregular pattern of  illuminated blue bubbles forming the walls of the “Cube” built for the Olympic Games looked really amazing at night.DSCF2520

In Hong Kong, the circular columns and patterns on the balustrades at Heritage 1881 in TsimShaTsui presented an interesting visual effect.CIMG2389

The many tall buildings in the Central business area of  Hong Kong island offer sight of the many contemporary arrangement of lines and patterns.DSCF3223

I wish I have more images on patterns but I don’t think I got many of them. Please enjoy!

62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

  1. I like how you always have a different theme with a new shape on hand. Makes one appreciate all that is taken-for-granted in life.

  2. You’ve been to wonderful places Michael. I’ve seen a documentary on the underground reservoirs in Turkey. Apparently, they repurposed parts from ‘old’ buildings…HA, ironic.

  3. These are amazing photos. Blew my mind when I opened your blog. As I scrolled down, just more brilliance. I have entered this blog post as my Pick of the Week for Plum Tree Books. Your post ‘From Lines to Patterns,” impressed me so much. 😀 Jk

    • 😀 Your photographs always impress me. I plan on returning later tonight or tomorrow. Only just started taking your images in. What a dream to go to all the places. You bring them to us in amazing captures. 😎 Jk

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