62 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

  1. I like how you always have a different theme with a new shape on hand. Makes one appreciate all that is taken-for-granted in life.

  2. Powerful images, Michael. I’ve visited the underground cistern in Istanbul and it is truly an amazing place. You captured the light perfectly.

  3. You’ve been to wonderful places Michael. I’ve seen a documentary on the underground reservoirs in Turkey. Apparently, they repurposed parts from ‘old’ buildings…HA, ironic.

  4. Very nice pictures especially the pattern of illuminated blue bubbles. But special mention I think must be made of that wonderful golden light in the first photograph.

  5. These are amazing photos. Blew my mind when I opened your blog. As I scrolled down, just more brilliance. I have entered this blog post as my Pick of the Week for Plum Tree Books. Your post ‘From Lines to Patterns,” impressed me so much.😀 Jk

    • Hi The Secret Keeper, thank you so much for entering my blog as your Pick of the Week. I am glad that you like my post. Thanks also for the kind comment🙂

    • 😀 Your photographs always impress me. I plan on returning later tonight or tomorrow. Only just started taking your images in. What a dream to go to all the places. You bring them to us in amazing captures.😎 Jk

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