Sacred Mountain

The mountains of China have long been places of great inspiration; their potent energy and deep quietude provide a perfect place for meditation.DSC_0254

Up in the uplands of Yunnan, China, we found this mountain of great beauty. A beauty which inspires poetry and reflection.

It looks like a painting which one is never tired of viewing!

74 thoughts on “Sacred Mountain

    • Hi, I don’t actually know the English translation of the mountain which is located near Shangri La. To many Chinese, especially Taoists, high mountains are sacred. Glad that you like the picture. Thank you 🙂

  1. Sure is beautiful. We are now hoping to go back to China sometime next year. I’ve not seen any of the country areas. I will look forward to it I’m sure….especially if it is all as picturesque as this.

    • Yes, if you avoid the crowded cities (but Beijing is a must for visit), there are many places which are like the States. In more recent years, I like Yunnan and Sichuan. Regards, Michael

  2. So thats what the other side of the Himalaya looks like….its soo beautiful and majestic. The world is such an amazing place. How is it we are doing our best to bring it to its knees? Love your photos. Trees

    • I am not sure what I have done with the picture. The top is over exposed. The left hand side is under exposed. The middle part, which is most interesting I guess is also over exposed in parts but where shadows fall on it, the exposure is about right. This explains the funny blue shades you see. Regards, Michael

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