Small Children at the Big Entrance, Cambodia

I know why I took this photo.

The rain has just stopped. We were approaching one of the entrances to Ta Prohm, Cambodia.

The two lines of columns on both sides of the road were impressive. The puddles on the stained color road reflected part of the surrounding were also interesting. I like the green foliage on the trees and also the fallen leaves on the ground.DSC_0264

However, they were not my reasons for taking the picture.

There were two small children on the right side of road edge. I didn’t have the faintest idea why they were there; they look so tiny when compared with the columns and trees.

They were the reason for taking this photo.

I was wondering why they were on the street, why they were not cared for by their parents. My mind wandered far and wide. Could they have been orphaned by the civil war? I have seen many children and adults there maimed as a result of accidentally contacting the mines left over from the war.

Or is this  just a normal thing to let children wander on the street. I don’t know.  . . . . . . . . . . . As a tourist, I knew I have to move on and I could only say in my heart – take care, children!

For every trip, there are two journeys – a physical one which will end when the trip ends, and also a sentimental journey which will never end.