58 thoughts on “Wordless Saturday – Sacred Mountain (2)

    • Hi Jalal, thanks very much for being the first to comment. I wasn’t sure whether I should post this one as I have already done 3 posts this week. I thought if I do not have to write anything I would have the time do a post with a pretty picture – I have never gone “wordless” before. Regards, Michael

  1. Michael, just wonderful and your have captured the true height of those mountains with such sharpness. And I love the softness in the autumn colors. Fantastic photo.

    • Hi Ron, thanks! It seems my reader friends would like to see my pictures once they are out but wouldn’t like to drop by at their leisure; maybe there are also fewer new readers. Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have about as many followers as you do. Probably a lower percentage of them visit. However, I get substantial traffic from outside of WordPress. One thing you might try is on the next post with multiple images, do only the best one large, and put the remainder in a gallery. I always do that, but see if it works for you.

    • Hi Ron, thanks for the quick response and advice. Maybe I am an IT dummy. While I am able to form a gallery of photos, I have never managed to upload a gallery into my post! Maybe, I should try that again. Regards, Michael

    • The gallery feature is built into the editor. Just press the add media button and the gallery option is on the left. Choose from the images that were uploaded to or attached to the post. It is totally dummy proof.

  2. Gao Xingjian”s Ling Shan or Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain? Or Both? I can’t decide, but the “wordless” part has its impact. Michael. This is great!

    • Hi Opalla, I admire your knowledge on arts. I have used “Wordless” as I didn’t want to write anything after posting three times last week. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great photo- I was surprised to see a “Wordless Saturday” shot from you– but seriously this shot doesn’t need words at all… the picture says it all by itself.

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