Sunday Stills Challenge: Trees / Fall Colors

This week, Ed’s challenge is Trees / Fall Colors.

My eyes were dazzled by the colors as I was viewing the  trees/ leaves  against bright sunlight at DSCF2553Hung Luo Temple, Beijing about this time last year.

The whole picture was filled with colored foliage, some in gold, yellow and also orange too.

The trees seemed to have dominated the whole picture. Not so noticeable in the picture are parts of the roofs of and entrance to the temple, some steps up to the temple and a stone carved snail (this explains the name of the  temple – red snail temple). However, unless you were there, the details are some small to be discernible.

The Autumn leaves were indeed a feast for the eyes!

40 thoughts on “Sunday Stills Challenge: Trees / Fall Colors

  1. 北京紅螺寺! I just googled and found the Chinese name. I learned something new today. It seems to be an interesting place. Thanks for sharing. Your Fall colors are beautiful!

  2. The Expressionist painters have freed the range of its gray haze. It was they who brought such a yellow on the screen. And they was right! Thank you for this wonderful autumn impressions.

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