26 comments on “Sunday Stills Challenge: Trees / Fall Leaves (2)

  1. Autumns splendor! It never ceases to amaze me, the glorious golds, yellows, reds and browns of autumn foliage. You’ve captured it well, as well as the snail stones. Brilliant!

    • Think these two photos are not as good as the one in my earlier post, but still, these shows the Snails in more detail. Thanks for the comment!

  2. So cool. I can’t get enough of those gorgeous, vibrant, autumn leaves. The snail carvings are really neat, and almost whimsical although I know that is not their purpose.

  3. Thank you, Michael. The snail carvings are beautiful. I like that the temple uses the snail as a motif. Is there a story behind it? Perhaps snails represent just taking things slowly with no worrying about time.

    • You may be interested in the following description from hubpages.com on Hongluo Temple :
      “According to the local legend, there were two giant red snails that lived on the side of the mountain where the temple was eventually built. Apparently these were some kind of alien snails as they supposedly emitted strange lights at night, which led the local villagers to pay homage to these giant red snails. The mountain become known as Red Snail Mountain, and the temple itself, which was originally known as Great Brightness Temple, was eventually given its current name of Hong Luo Si, or Red Snail Temple”.


    • Thank you, Michael, what a wonderful story! We have lots of snails in our garden (which we never, never kill) – none that emit lights, but that doesn’t matter. Thanks also for the mention of hubpages – I didn’t know about that and it sounds like a valuable resource.😀

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