49 comments on “The Summer of 1985 at Hampstead Heath, London

  1. I remember Kenwood in 1985, I took my children and my black labrador to walk there and from our house you could hear the bangs when they played Handel’s Firework music at the evening open-air concerts. Don’t worry: people in Highgate this summer will have been doing the same things.

    • You reminded me of the Handel’s Firework music as well – I have almost forgotten.
      Will like to be back someday and see what it is like. Regards, Michael

  2. I like the emotion that comes through this post. That’s what photos do best, evade the time and keep those few seconds alive while the photo was taken. And they take us back in time, over and over again. But only subjectively and that alone it’s sufficient because otherwise there’d be even less to remember.

    Also, now I know what an Indian Summer is:)

    • Hi, for this reason I don’t like posting photos on Flickr or similar without any elaboration, unless the photo can speak for itself.
      Old photos allow me to go back to my memory, my emotion and reason for taking the photo. Regards, Michael

    • Right, and by choosing what photos and how many to pair, along with words, you can create a certain emotion, express something in a particular way. More control.

      I forgot to mention that I love the photo😀

  3. Spent many a day walking around Hampstead Heath as I had a friend who lived nearby. Kenwood house used to be a good venue for many summer music concerts, not sure if they still hold them there now though. Also from the top of the Heath you can see some spectacular views over London, a great place.

    • I was just perusing your posts on HK and like them very much. Just yesterday, we were at Cat Street which is shown on one of your images. Regards, Michael

    • I have always liked Hollywood Road and spent time wondering around looking at antiques and Chinese furniture / pottery etc. My friends like Cat Street, they can always pick up something when travelling to HK. Regards, Michael

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