Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Foliage in South Korea

Finally back home from South Korea, but my mind is still full of colors. . . . . . . . .DSCF3322

Beautiful mix of colors of the Autumn foliage at the various landscapes which  I have just visited.DSCF3321

They are just like paintings. Please enjoy 🙂

114 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Foliage in South Korea

    • These two are more like paintings than photo images; that was the reason I picked them as my initial post on South Korea. many thanks for the warm welcome back. Cheers, Michael

  1. Hi Michael, welcome back … i am praying that Bob and I will be given the chance to see this next fall season! thank you for sharing your beautiful captures with us. is this at the Nami Island?

    • Hi, we have been to several places, they include (not sure whether spelling is correct), Mayesan, Daejongsan, Daedunsan – starting from Busan and ending up in Seoul; don’t think we have been to Nami island. Many thanks for the continued support and the welcoming back 🙂

    • Hi Michael, sorry for the late response … continuing to pray that Bob and I will be given a chance to see these beautiful places preferably during this season as well …

  2. My last post involved autumn leaves in the trees too, and though the ratio is different (so much red there! There’s more yellow here) I like seeing that the season is strong in such a band around the hemisphere.

  3. These are both like grand masters but the first one with the dark branches contrasted against the
    Fall colours, still green leaves and watery reflections is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

    • After shooting foliage for a couple of years, I find out that shooting leaves of just one color is not as beautiful as the ones with a mix of colors, especially with green as well. Thank you 🙂

    • The Korean / Japanese trees seem to exhibit a sort of red color not so similar to the ones in other countries and the leaves are smaller. Regards, Michael

    • Depending on the distance away from the leaves, if it is close up then switch on the macro mode, if it is medium distance, shot by bracketing on the particular area of leaves – there may be problems of branches / leaves swaying in the wind for which you have to wait. If it is long distance, usually, there is no problem. I like shooting leaves against the sunlight which is a bit more difficult. regards, Michael

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